White House Says No Plans to Evacuate Americans From Ukraine. What Could Go Wrong?

The White House says that, despite the danger of a Russian invasion of Ukraine and the obvious threat to American nationals in that country, the Biden administration has decided not to make plans to evacuate Americans.

Because this worked so well in Afghanistan.

When asked if any plans were being made to evacuate Americans, a White House official replied, “These are multi-mission forces, trained and equipped for a variety of missions to deter aggression and to provide reassurance to NATO Allies,” White House official said.

The Hill:

“We are constantly evaluating the evolving security situation and planning for a range of contingencies as we always do, but to be clear we are not planning for a mass evacuation of American citizens from Ukraine,” the official added. “President Biden has been clear that we believe Americans in Ukraine would be wise to leave Ukraine.”

What? “We believe that Americans in Ukraine would be wise to leave,” but if everything goes to hell, you’re on your own, guys.

The Wall Street Journal, citing U.S. officials, on Wednesday reported that the White House had approved a plan for troops in Poland to help with an evacuation.

According to the newspaper, some of the troops being deployed from the 82nd Airborne Corps will begin setting up checkpoints and other facilities inside of Poland’s border with Ukraine to begin preparing to serve Americans. The troops would provide logistical support to help coordinate an evacuation, rather than flying aircraft directly into Ukraine to get American citizens out.

Russian troops are probably not going to be able to differentiate between Ukrainian civilians and Americans — not that Russia loses any sleep over civilian deaths.

“I would hate to see them get caught in a cross-fire if in fact [Russia] did invade. And there’s no need for that, and if I had anyone there I’d say leave,” Biden said in a press conference alongside German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

Most Americans have already taken the warnings to heart and left Ukraine. But like in Afghanistan, there are thousands of dual nationals working for NGOs or foreign companies. Other Americans have families they’re reluctant to leave behind.

Biden doesn’t want to upset the delicate sensibilities of Putin by preparing for an evacuation, even though such planning is prudent and wise. So the president is going to cross his fingers and hope for the best.

Pretty much what he did in Afghanistan.

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