West Coast, Messed Coast: Protection for Me, but Not for Thee Edition

Ah, Seattle. The Emerald City. The home of the “Summer of Love.” Idyllic in its repose by the waters of the Puget Sound. It’s also a crime-ridden city of hell-holian proportions because the city and county have determined that cops are bad and criminals are, well, less bad.

Enter King County prosecutor Dan Satterberg, who has made not prosecuting crimes his raison d’être. Currently, downtown King County Sheriff’s Department and other county employees who are too frightened to walk alone to the ferry or train are escorted. This is because nearby Fentanyl Flats acts as an incubator for all manner of felons. A naked man recently slipped into the women’s bathroom and tried to rape an employee, so that government-approved squat is working out just great.

While Seattle and other West Coast towns’ police patrols are at near-skeleton-crew levels, because cadres have defunded the police and mandated COVID shots, Satterberg and his comrades have plenty of guys with guns to protect their lives.

Now, Satterberg has added a couple cups of flour to his woke recipe for disaster, and the plot has thickened. (Today’s mixed metaphors are absolutely free to our faithful readers.)

KTTH radio host Jason Rantz reports that Satterberg has asked that his fiefdom downtown be outfitted with bulletproof glass, because the pesky, drug-addled residents of Fentanyl Flats have been using his windows for target practice. Rock or cement-block throwers have destroyed ten windows. No one has been arrested. Why bother?

In short, the comrades want to be protected from the people they refuse to prosecute.

Dachas on the Black Sea can’t be far behind.

Meanwhile, Washington governor Jay Inslee just declared that all unvaccinated people in his fiefdom are no better than terrorists “walking around with a time bomb in their backpack …”

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Ever since the Supreme Court entertained arguments to overturn the Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey decisions that federalized abortion procedures, the Left has been in high dudgeon. Now, Governor Hairgel of California has vowed to make his state a “sanctuary” for abortion seekers, if SCOTUS tosses those two decisions when it decides the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case now before it.

PJ Media’s Chris Queen opined that an offer of sanctuary is exactly the opposite of what Gavin Newsom is proposing. Indeed, it’s “a far cry from the old saw about how Democrats want abortion to be ‘safe, legal, and rare.’ Now, the Golden State wants abortion to be ‘safe, legal, state-sanctioned, and all over the place.’”

And Oregon governor Kate Brown’s restrictive and vindictive COVID mandates have made her the least popular governor in the entire United States of America. She’s raised taxes, killed jobs, and eliminated school standards. Of course, Oregon media maintain that Oregonians haven’t given her enough credit for “firing the cash canon” at her citizens, as radio host Vince Coglianese puts it. She couldn’t buy their love because she’s the worst governor in America. Even dumb Oregon voters understand that.

Boy, this year’s West Coast, Messed Coast “Governor of the Year” trophy is going to be a tough pick. Please offer your votes in the comments section below.

Until next time.

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