[WATCH]: Australian Government’s Hypocrisy in Living Color and in Prime Minister’s Own Words

Over the past year and a half, PJ Media has written extensively about the tyrannical and insanely over-the-top “COVID Zero” policies being forcefully implemented in Australia. From its en masse shooting of innocent rescue dogs, to its door-to-door Army COVID testers, to its draconian lockdown enforcement, to its military building civilian quarantine camps, to its police shooting rubber bullets at COVID protestors, to its COVID lockdown booze limits, it’s safe to say Australian citizens’ patience with its government is wearing thin.

Randall Evans, a libertarian YouTuber who goes by the name of Deactivist, is out of patience and calling for Australia’s leaders to “come back to reality” in a powerful new video:

It’s one thing to write or talk about Australia’s authoritarian “COVID Zero” policies, but it’s another thing entirely to see them in living color being played over the words of Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s 2021 United Nations Assembly hypocritical speech on freedom and individual rights. Well done, Randall Evans. Well done, but we can’t help but wonder if these same harsh tactics will soon be coming to a town near us because we all know how much the left loves the power we’ve foolishly given them during this never-ending pandemic.

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