VIDEO: Philadelphia Erupts in Second Night of Riots, Looting

Philadelphia, Pa., erupted into its second straight night of violent riots following the police shooting death of 27-year-old Walter Wallace Jr. Monday afternoon.

Video of the incident shows two police officers backing away from the man, who was wielding a knife and coming toward the officers. His mother is seen futilely attempting to hold him back, before officers fire on him, killing him. At one point in the video, officers can be heard ordering Wallace to put down the knife.

Wallace’s mother said he was suffering from a mental health issue. His family has called for peace.

Despite Penn. Gov. Tom Wolf ordering the National Guard into Philadelphia Tuesday evening, riots and widespread looting have broken out.

Townhall Media’s Julio Rosas is leading our coverage on the scene including providing video.

There have reportedly been shootings and assaults.

Violent protests also spread to New York City. In the background of this video, which appears to show a peaceful march, window-smashing can be heard several times.

Law and order have been a theme of the Trump campaign since riots broke out across the nation over the summer, and the standard Democrat response was to allow the rioters to burn, loot, and destroy and also to defund police departments. This predictably led to further deterioration of basic public safety and spikes in crime nationwide. New York City, for instance, has suffered a 263% increase in shooting incidents in 2020 versus 2019.

Neighborhoods suffering these riots will take years, perhaps decades, to recover — if they ever do.

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