Update: Alleged CNN Pervert Is Jake Tapper’s Producer Rick Saleeby

It’s been a bad couple of weeks for CNN senior producers, beginning with the arrest of Chris Cuomo’s producer John Griffin for sex trafficking of minors by flying a mother and her 9-year-old daughter to see him for “sex training.” Then the news broke on Project Veritas that another CNN producer was into “mother-daughter” fantasies. 

Yesterday, James O’Keefe decided to name the second CNN staffer as Jake Tapper’s producer, Rick Saleeby, after making sure that the child the man was fantasizing about was out of harm’s way.

Janine Bonanni, a former sex worker and victim of human trafficking, says she has had a ten-year relationship with Saleeby. Bonanni came forward and gave Project Veritas text messages and recorded conversations with Saleeby that showed him sending photos of his fiancee’s 14-year-old daughter and describing the sexual things he wanted to do to her, including raping her.

Bonanni says she encouraged Saleeby to continue talking about the girl so she could get enough evidence together to prove that Saleeby was into minors. Bonnani also said that Saleeby asked her for nude photos of herself and her 15-year-old daughter together.

The former sex worker also said she went to the police with the information but was told there was no crime, and the police refused to look at her evidence. “If I was her mother and I found out my fiancé was sending photos of my child and talking about her in a sexual way, you’re going to prison,” said Bonanni.

“I met [Saleeby] about ten years ago when I was being trafficked,” said Bonnani. “I was on BackPage and he called to buy sex from me and I went to the casino and that’s how everything started. I feel he thinks he can confide in me with everything because of my past and everything I’ve been through, but it’s the exact opposite. … it has infuriated me.”

The mother of the child found out about Saleeby’s activity when James O’Keefe contacted her and sent her the evidence of what her fiancé was allegedly doing. The mother sent O’Keefe a heartfelt thank you letter and indicated that she left Saleeby.

I wanted to reach out to sincerely thank you again. I am very grateful toward you guys and everything you’ve done for me and my children. Our world has just been completely flipped upside down, but none of that matters. We are all safe. I’m hoping, praying, and pushing for charges to be brought against him, so he can never do this to another child/family again.

I want the public and any predators to know, without a shadow of a doubt, that I will go to the absolute ends of the earth to protect my babies. And I am tremendously grateful that you guys have saved us all from him.

Despite the hardships ahead, I am going to continue to sit with these feelings of gratitude toward you guys and the woman who provided you with the information. Gratitude will get us through to the other side of all this. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and Merry Christmas. ❤️”

Bonanni is not worried about what people will say about her or her past. “I have been a victim, pretty much all my life,” she said. “I don’t want this girl to be a victim of anything.”

Project Veritas’s motto is “Be Brave. Do Something.” Bonanni embodies that motto. “I just want this kid to be safe,” she said.

Twitter has removed the video from its platform and appears to be protecting Saleeby. “Is CNN putting pressure on Twitter to take down this video?” asked O’Keefe. “And what is the status of Rick Saleeby as a producer?” he continued. So far, CNN has been silent.

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Strangely enough, Saleeby was caught in another undercover investigation by Project Veritas about another alleged sexual predator at CNN.

When speaking about CNN Politics Supervising Producer and White House Unit Supervising Producer/Coverage Manager, Steve Brusk, ‘The Lead with Jake Tapper’ Senior Producer Rick Saleeby said: “…he would like make advances if there was a social gathering and they were drunk… Put his arms around them, try and touch their leg. Try and build up emails to the level where he would get flirty and inappropriate.”

The culture at CNN is gross. I hope the FBI is taking note and starting major investigations (if they can pull themselves away from investigating the Trumps). What’s with all the “mother-daughter” perversion? If this is becoming a thing now, Gabriel, blow the horn. 

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