Uh-Oh: The Wokesters Are Not Going to Like What Adele Just Said

Welcome to 2022, when men are women and women are men, and anyone who dares point out the madness of all this is immediately branded a “transphobe” and driven from polite society. We are so enlightened in 2022 that the specter of a woman publicly acknowledging that she actually loves being a woman is enough to drive Leftists into paroxysms of rage because apparently, it means that the woman in question is not a man, or doesn’t want to be one, or something equally insane. The latest sane human being to run afoul of this fashionable madness is the popular British singer Adele, who committed the unpardonable sin of affirming her delight in her own femininity at an awards ceremony on Tuesday.

At the BRIT awards gala that night, Adele won the Artist of the Year award, which up until now was two awards: Best Male Artist and Best Female Artist, but now has been merged into one to suit our brave new post-gender society. When she accepted the award, Adele said: “I understand why the name of this award has changed” (Really? I don’t) “but I really love being a woman and being a female artist–I do! I’m really proud of us, I really, really am.”

The audience cheered when Adele said this, but others weren’t as pleased. Adele’s detractors began to make themselves known on Twitter. Jacob, a man who, like Adele herself, goes by only one name and who identifies himself as a “performer, host & total attention seeker,” as well as a “staunch feminist,” wrote: “Please, no, ADELE can’t be a TERF. That last comment, though ambiguous, could be perceived as TERF-y. Please no.”

A TERF is apparently a “trans-exclusionary radical feminist,” or someone who thinks that men can’t be women and women can’t be men, otherwise known as a person who is not insane. Mind you, it isn’t even clear that Adele is a “transphobe” at all, as she is being called now. All she said was that she loved being a woman. To interpret that statement as meaning that she didn’t think it was possible to change genders, or that she didn’t approve of such changes, or that she hated the people who undertook them, is absolutely unfounded based on what she actually said. But when has that ever stopped the Left once an outrage mob starts forming?

A man named Paul M. Rodriguez, Jr., tweeted: “Lost a lot of respect for Adele, wish her the best of luck but will not spend a cent on her music and what sux I really liked her, sad but life goes on tyvm [thank you very much].”

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Another Twitter user who says he is a “queer theory masters graduate” from the University of Manchester in England tried to make the insanity sound sensible, explaining: “adele didn’t simply say she loves being a woman. if she had stood up and said ‘god, i love being a woman and it’s such a privilege for a woman to be on top in that category’ that would’ve been so so wonderful, and so empowering for so many women, but it came off a comment in reference to the bafta categories now being without a gendered label. in no way do i believe adele meant any malice or anything close to an attack on trans rights, but it is these tiny comments that which real terfs and real gender criticals see and capitalise on, which is where a lot of panic, anxiety and frustration comes from, from trans people who are constantly attacked by the media for just being who they are.”

To see all that in Adele’s comment is an indication of the paranoia and fantasy upon which the entire trans movement is built, as well as confirmation of the increasingly obvious fact that this societal delirium is actively against women. Men such as UPenn Lia Thomas declare that they’re women and start competing in female sports, setting all kinds of new records for women, and anyone who dares to point out that the record-setting woman is not a woman at all is demonized and ostracized. Yet as long as this continues, women’s sports effectively no longer exist. The best women are men, and everyone has to nod and act as if nothing is amiss.

Now Adele has inadvertently made that even clearer by drawing fire for saying she loves being a woman. Trans advocates don’t want there to be any women, or any men, or any actual woman — Gaia forbid! — to take pride in being what she is. The whole idea is to be gender-fluid and to seek fulfillment in denying one’s true identity and living out a destructive fantasy. If Adele gained back all the weight she has lost and went on tour with Stacey Abrams, lectured her audiences about “fat-shaming,” and best of all, announced that she was henceforth to be known as Alan and was a trans man, she would be a hero on the Left. But for taking pride in herself and affirming her own identity, she is a villain. That’s just the opposite of what the self-appointed guardians of acceptable opinion want for us all.

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