These Images From the Southern Border Will Terrify You

Unfortunately, the horrific withdrawal from Afghanistan, Biden’s authoritarian vaccine mandate, and bad economic news have taken attention away from the crisis at our southern border. Fox News’s Bill Melugin has been reporting almost daily from the border. Over the last 24 hours, Melugin shared two images taken from a drone above the international bridge in Del Rio, Texas, that should return attention to the issue. The first was taken on Wednesday night when Melugin reported that approximately 4,000 illegal immigrants were waiting to be picked up by Border Patrol agents.

He reported that this is just the beginning of the wave at a single border crossing that intelligence officials say will add 20,000 more.

The drone took those images Wednesday evening, and the flow was continuing. Melugin received a video from a law enforcement source on the ground and information that most of the migrants gathering were Haitian, not people from Latin America. By Thursday morning, the crowd under the bridge had more than doubled.

States have already been “assigned” an initial number of Afghan migrants destined to settle in their communities. The second-highest number in the first wave goes to Texas, as if the state is not already dealing with invasion-level migration over the southern border. So far, these unvetted refugees have brought measles and child brides with them, and a few confirmed terrorists just for good measure. The majority may well seek a better life and assimilate well in their new country. Still, the haphazard evacuation is bound to present some risks that remain undetected, and roughly 37,000 will settle in 46 states.

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While the president yells at unvaccinated Americans, illegal immigrants are flowing over the border with little testing and no vaccine requirement. White House press secretary Jen Psaki tersely confirmed this when Fox News’s Peter Doocy asked earlier this week. Melugin reported on Tucker Carlson Tonight that 208,000 apprehensions occurred in August alone. That is roughly the equivalent of Birmingham, Alabama, or Little Rock, Arkansas.

Melugin added that border facilities are so overwhelmed that Border Patrol cannot pick up the illegal crossers under the bridge. He also showed drone footage of people walking casually down a dirt trail. Melugin said some crossed back over into Mexico while others took time to play in that water at a dam in the Rio Grande. He observed that it does not look like an international border. Certainly not one with any level of security.

Democrats are trying to sneak eight million green cards into their $3.5 trillion reconciliation package, which will increase the flow to our border beyond current expectations. Those opportunities will not cover a fraction of the people living illegally in the United States. We have been told for years that there are 11 million illegals living here. Some estimates go as high as 22 million, and an estimated additional two million will cross this year.

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With the developments in Afghanistan, the mess at the border poses a national security threat as well. Jaeson Jones is a retired captain from the Texas border intelligence unit. His consulting firm works to make the public and government agencies aware of emerging threats at the border, including the evolution of transnational criminal organizations. Jones says we cannot look at the border as a U.S.-Mexico issue. “The world is coming,” Jones cautioned in a recent appearance.

Customs and Border Patrol data show apprehensions from 148 countries in the first ten months of this fiscal year. There are also record fentanyl shipments that are showing up as overdoses in the United States. Traffickers do not just drop off Illegal immigrants coming over the border. Migrants wear one armband to indicate their payment status and a second one to reveal their destination. It seems the trafficking routes continue into the interior of the United States.

When asked about Afghanistan, Jones said there are well-established long-haul routes. “Afghans will pay usually, historically, about $15,000 to $20,000 per person. They’ll receive fake passports,” Jones explained. “They’ll fly, usually into the Gulf States of Qatar or Saudi Arabia, then take an additional flight over to South America to Brazil. Then from there, the smuggling groups just basically daisy chain, just like they do everyone else. All the way up, through Darien Gap and into Mexico. From there, that’s where the cartels start to charge incredible fees to get them in.”

Jones’s concern is a large number of Afghans surging into all the Persian nations around Afghanistan. He estimates a six- to eight-week window before some of these migrants land in South America. Jones added that the Department of Homeland Security programs south of the border are already overwhelmed, and migration from the Middle East will be an additional burden. It is not just those seeking to escape tyranny who know our defenses are down at the southern border—so do those who wish to do us harm.

Americans are facing many threats, from COVID-19 to inflation to increasing authoritarianism in Washington. However, it is imperative that we do not lose sight of the disaster at the border and demand someone other than Vice President Kamala Harris get tasked with fixing it now.

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