‘There’s a Lot Coming’ From Special Counsel Durham, Trump Says

Donald Trump says there will be “a lot coming” from Special Counsel John Durham’s investigation of the FBI probe of the bogus allegations of Russian collusion.

He made the comments during an exclusive interview with The Epoch Times, during which he also said that Durham would “fully expose” the sham investigation of Russian collusion.

Trump has previously expressed frustration with the slow pace the investigation seemed to have. “Where’s Durham?” Trump asked in a statement released last March. “Is he a living, breathing human being? Will there ever be a Durham report?”

Despite that past skepticism, Trump has renewed faith in the investigation.

“These are bad people,” Trump said. “So, I hope John Durham, for the good of the country, comes up with everything that you know took place, and that everybody knows took place, because it has been exposed. It would be really nice to have it fully exposed.”

Trump did, however, say that he wishes the truth had come out before the 2020 election.

“It would have been nice to have been done before the election because they cheated viciously and crazily, what they did was so criminal,” Trump said.” It would have been good if the voters would have known that, but it didn’t matter because I won the election by a lot anyway. So, it didn’t. Honestly, I don’t think that was the big defining moment.”

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