The Morning Briefing: Kamala Harris Exists to Make Joe Biden Seem Coherent

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Happy Tuesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. A-tisket, a-tasket, that’s grandma’s Klonopin in the basket.

Since January of last year, regularly scheduled criticisms of Vice President Kamala Harris have become a staple here at the Morning Briefing, sort of like crossover episodes with Dick Wolf television shows (FBI, FBI: Most Wanted, and FBI: International in one show?!?!? PINCH ME.).

Under the rules established by the left, we’re never supposed to criticize persons of color, especially if said person identifies as a woman because of the presence of a uterus or other coincidental female organs. With that in mind, let me say this to the leftist trolls out there: I know, I know: racism, sexism, everythingism.

But, come on, it’s nigh on impossible to refrain from pointing out that Madame Veep is the Number One “Hold my beer,” person in this unmitigated disaster of a presidency. It’s been firmly established that neither Harris nor her boss should be allowed within a hundred yards of a microphone or a camera. Ever.

Our own Vodkapundit chronicled Harris’s latest round of treating the English language like a prisoner at Gitmo:

Alleged Vice President Kamala Harris certainly has a way with words, similar to the relationship the sixth-grade bully has with other kids’ lunch money.

Before we get to the clip and the patented VodkaPundit Quick & Dirty Transcript™, take a moment to ponder that Harris appears to be reading from prepared notes.

Here’s the clip from the post:

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that she wants us to work together.

Reiterating what Mr. Green wrote: it looks like this was planned. That would mean that Harris has speechwriters whose relationship with English is as dysfunctional as hers.

When President LOLEightyonemillion steps up to a microphone and begins mangling a language he once spoke with ease we get it. The guy has obviously lost a step or two thousand. His second in command is only 57-years-old, which is barely middle-aged these days. She went to law school, where they have speak in public.

Yet here we are.

While I don’t like to attribute any competence to Team Biden, I am beginning to think that his handlers had Kamala Harris in mind for the second spot on the ticket all along. Joe Biden appears to be the epitome of oratorical brilliance and competence when side-by-side with Harris.

I sincerely hope that the English language survives two more years of this.

If we just work together between now and 2024 we can help save it by working together when we work together.

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