The Morning Briefing: Insane Dem Media Hacks Wonder Why COVID Didn’t Unite Us

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Happy Wednesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. The tuba section asks that you respect their privacy while they’re out shopping for party pants.

Anyone who has been reading my stuff for a while knows that I am a rabid sports fan. I would much rather watch a football or baseball game in a bar with a bunch of strangers than have to get to know someone and hear about feelings.

I usually love the Olympics, even the winter games, which are mostly sports made up by people who knew that they were going to kill each other during the long, cold months if they didn’t find distractions.

The ChiComs have sucked the joy out of the current games. The lesson here kids is that communists ruin everything.


Onto today’s main topic.

While I was working on my most recent “Worst of Times” column a curious theme emerged. On consecutive days, writers for The New York Times Opinion section wondered how Americans didn’t have a big COVID-induced group hug.

Yes, that New York Times. 

The reason that I decided to write more about it here in the Briefing today is that I constantly marvel at the Democrats’ ability to completely check out of reality and block out real history like that. I’m assuming that both of the writers were sober when they penned the Op-Eds. They’d have to have been really blotto to forget how the acrimony built from March of 2020 until now. As I pointed out in the column, the left and right in America weren’t exactly arm-in-arm around the campfire prior to the COVID outbreak.

The Democrats and their flying monkeys in the mainstream media have been in an orgiastic frenzy for two years whenever using COVID panic porn to bully, demean, censor, and force people out of their jobs.

Now they’re wondering why we didn’t respond to that by meeting them at the pub for a pint.

For far too long, Democrats and progressives have been able to get away with borderline — and often real — criminal behavior because their stranglehold on conventional media allows them to whitewash their misdeeds, both major and minor.

Three years of lying about Russia collusion proven to be utter garbage?


Everything they said about COVID for two years turning out to be wrong?

Outta here!

It’s no coincidence that these opinion pieces appeared one right after the other. That’s how the narratives are crafted. We are certain to see more, “missed opportunity for harmony” drivel from the leftmedia.

And we will be the only ones to acknowledge that it never existed.

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