The Morning Briefing: Ghoulish Left Quick With Ignorant Hot Takes About Buffalo Shooter

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Happy Monday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Little does Carl know, but his monthly karaoke group often refers to him as “The Singing Paint-Peeler of Poughkeepsie.”

No way to sugarcoat this: it was a brutal weekend in Joe Biden’s broken America, beginning with the horror in Buffalo and ending with the attack on a church in Laguna Woods, CA (nobody talks about the weekly blood baths in Chicago anymore).

Those familiar with my work know that I am never at a loss for opinions on any subject, and I have no shortage of them regarding each of these tragic shootings. However, I try to make it a habit to refrain from opining too much in the immediate aftermath of a tragedy. I obviously have to write about these stories here because this is a newsletter and they were the dominant news of the weekend. I will attempt to keep my remarks limited to criticizing the leftists’ responses.

The California shooter has been tentatively identified as an Asian man in his sixties. As such, he doesn’t fit any convenient leftist narratives, which means that it’s already been sent to the “Move along, nothing to see here…” file.

In Buffalo, the progs got the white shooter they’ve been dreaming warning about, so the hot takes have been flowing like lava from Mt. Vesuvius to Pompeii in the year 79.

As usual, they’re all wrong, idiotic, or both.

Like any garden variety nutjob, the Buffalo shooter had written a manifesto. The lunatic feelings journal debunked one of the left’s most immediate and pedestrian talking points.

Matt has the story:

As word of the shooting quickly spread on social media, so did reports that the shooter had posted a 180-page manifesto online, explaining his racist and anti-Semitic motives and detailing how he planned to carry out the attack. PJ Media obtained a copy of the manifesto, and while we cannot independently verify its authenticity, it is widely believed to be genuine, and some left-wing operatives are intent on claiming that the manifesto proves the shooter was radicalized by Fox News and right-wing politics. I’ll show you want the manifesto actually says (though I will not link to it).

First, despite the coordinated effort to blame Fox News, the manifesto attacks a number of news networks, including Fox, for hiring Jews.

That didn’t stop them from blaming Fox News, of course. Leftist narratives never get tripped up by pesky things like facts.

As we all know, Tucker Carlson has replaced Sean Hannity as Public Enemy Number One at Fox News for the left, so he was getting a lot of the blame too. In their telling, this kid’s warped brain was fully formed by Carlson.

More bad news on that from the manifesto:

A search of the entire manifesto also yields no mentions of Tucker Carlson and specifically mentions “the internet” as where he got his beliefs.

Putting the final nail in the “right-wing extremist” narrative coffin, Cray-Cray says he got into communism young, uses a variety of leftist labels to describe himself, and rejects conservatism.


All of this was happening against a backdrop of these same people calling for a “summer of rage” to protest the fact that they (hopefully) soon won’t be able to kill babies with the ease to which they’ve become accustomed. Because leftists are incapable of self-awareness, they casually transition from that to blaming conservative rhetoric for all of the world’s ills.

Who wants to tell them?

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