The Morning Briefing: Dems, MSM Busy Tossing Their COVID Failures Into the Memory Hole

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Happy Wednesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. It’s time that science got to work on meat-based vegetables. I’ll have the bacon kale, Chauncey.

While I am not the most avid moviegoer, I am usually aware of all of the movies getting buzz before the Academy Award nominations. I was a little lost and confused this year, especially with some of the streaming service flicks getting nominations. I feel like we’re in a world without any rules and Flo from Progressive will one day soon be winning all of the awards.

She kinda bugs me.

The Democrats have been pivoting so forcefully on various COVID-related things this past week that I’m surprised they aren’t all dizzy and nauseated, the poor dears. Ivermectin, natural immunity, the efficacy of cloth masks, you name it, they’ve been Team 180. And being the party of the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, they’ve been trying to erase the memory of their previous, horribly wrong policies.

Of course, their dutiful flying monkeys in the mainstream media have been working overtime to help.

Stacey wrote a great deep-dive about this yesterday:

The memo has gone out: It is time for every cultural institution, politician, and corporate media outlet to pivot on COVID-19. They must reverse their Covidstan policies, advocate a return to normal, and make excuses for the missteps of the health bureaucracy. The speed and shamelessness with which the narrative shift happened are breathtaking, and it can only mean one thing. The internal polling for Democrats in the midterms is beyond dismal, and areas assumed to be safely in the “D” column are at risk. We mustn’t let them get away with the rewrite of history they are attempting.

It’s not just that they’ve been so wrong about so many things, it’s that they were such jackbooted thugs when implementing and enforcing their errant policies. Heck, the Joe Rogan acrimony at Spotify began when he was touting Ivermectin as a treatment. The unhinged left immediately put the wheels in motion to cancel him, as they did with anyone else who went against the now-debunked leftist COVID orthodoxy.

The American left has gotten away with these types of politically-induced memory lapses for far too long, which is precisely the reason they think that they can pull it off again.

The thing is — and I’ve written about this a lot — they’ve been overreaching since they installed the puppet president in the Oval Office, and it’s about to come back to haunt them.

Democrats used COVID to blow up any semblance of election integrity in 2020 and the country has been reeling ever since. That’s on them. Sure, they keep trying to blame Republicans, and they’ll have some success with that in the coastal media bubbles. The misery that they’ve heaped upon the United States in the name of COVID won’t easily be forgotten, especially by the independent voters they were able to con in 2020.

More from Stacey:

Democrats, the health bureaucracy, and the corporate media cannot be allowed to retcon the COVID response over the last two years. We are only beginning to understand the damage to our children and society. The wreckage must be laid directly at their feet.

Again, they will be working overtime to sweep their myriad failures under the rug.

So maybe we buy up all of the brooms.

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