The Morning Briefing: America Is Awesome, Let’s Have Some Black Friday Fun

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Happy Friday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. If we ever do one of these on a cruise ship everyone has to bring a signature cocktail recipe. Even me.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day with kith and kin. If you aren’t the kith and kin type, I hope you plundered and looted a local village. Or just got high.

Returning now from a rather brisk walk of my sister’s dogs in 26-degree Michigan morning weather. I don’t know how you cold weather people do this. I think you may all have mental problems.

I’m going to offer a few links before I get to the point of today’s Briefing. Read and enjoy. These are all down below as well but I want to highlight them here.





If you read each of those posts you’ll understand where I’m going with this. We have a group of writers here at PJ Media who are devoting our careers to fighting for conservative principles in an era where everyone on the other side is trying to shut us down. Forever.

We are more than glad to show up to this fight every day of the week. Those of us who are entrenched in media on this side of the aisle tend towards a combative nature. It’s why the left really hates us. They want us to back down but know we won’t.

So here I am again, my friends, happily trying to get more of you to join us on the VIP subscriber side of the aisle. It really is how we’re beating back the fascist censors. And, as I’ve been telling everyone all along, we have a lot of fun over here.

Our VIPs are our firewall against the commies. We would love to have you join us in the fight. If you’re already here we now have 30% off GIFT SUBSCRIPTIONS that you can give the patriots in your life. These can be given immediately or scheduled for Christmas Day.

Again: the Briefing will always be on this side of the paywall. Hanging out with all of you every weekday is the greatest gig on Earth.

Everything Isn’t Awful

PJ Media

Afghanistan: Iconic ‘Girl With the Green Eyes’ Is Safe After Fleeing Taliban

West Coast, Messed Coast: Lootie Vuitton Edition

Is the Media Culpable in Cases Like Waukesha?

The True Story of Thanksgiving With El Rushbo

But more presidential or some crap. FREE FALL: Joe Biden’s Approval Now Underwater in 48 States

Hey, Mainstream Media, Call It What It Is: The #WaukeshaMassacre

Is the White House in Crisis?

America’s Everyday Rebellion Gathers Momentum With Each New Outrage From the Left

I do love this parade. Finally Back to Normal: Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Highlights

Kristi Noem Calls Out the Left’s Hatred and Revisionism

Biggest wuss in America. ‘LeSnitch’ Trends on Twitter After LeBron James Tattles and Gets Fans Ejected

They can’t find anyone hotter than she is. REPORT: LucasFilm Considering Recasting Gina Carano’s Role on The Mandalorian

‘Experts’ Say Calling the Looting of San Francisco’s Expensive Stores ‘Looting’ Is Racist

Townhall Mothership

GoFundMe Yanks Bail Fundraiser for Waukesha Suspect Darrell Brooks

Kamala Harris Reportedly Spent Over $500 on Cookware in Paris Amid Record U.S. Inflation

#NewEastBerlin Update. ‘General Hospital’ Actor Fired After 30 Years for Refusing COVID-19 Vaccine

DC Public Schools Chancellor Asked Parents to ‘Decolonize’ Thanksgiving

California School Presses Kidnapping, Burglary Charges Against a Mom Who Legally Signed Her Child Out of School

Let’s Not Confuse the Left’s ‘Equity’ With Equality or Justice, America

Hit-And-Run Ends In Self-Defense Shooting

Cam&Co. Philly’s Mayor Blames Everyone But Criminals For Record Homicides

DemsFive Senate  to White House: Omarova’s done

NYC school students still eating outdoors as winter arrives

The war on Thanksgiving is real and it’s spectacular

WATCH: LeBron James goes FULL KAREN, gets Pacers fans kicked out of the game           

Sharyl Attkisson nukes Howard Dean’s attempt to use 2 different trial outcomes as proof ‘America is turned upside-down’


The Left’s Obsession With Political Proselytizing at Thanksgiving Is Weird and It Should Stop

Biden Will Restart Remain in Mexico Policy as ‘Promptly as Possible’

Does Kyle Rittenhouse Deserve a Congressional Gold Medal?

Can Biden Bounce Back From an Atrocious Year?

Whatever Happened to ‘Scranton Joe’?

Around the Interwebz

#RIPLegend. Bob Bondurant Dies: Racecar Instructor To Paul Newman, Tom Cruise, Other Film Stars Was 88

I do so love this story. Thanksgiving grandma and accidental dinner invitee spend sixth holiday together 

Come Hell or High Water, Mail Arrives Weekly in This Remote Canyon

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