The Leftists’ Bisexual, Self-Obsessed, Narcissistic Superman Is a Reflection of Themselves

I shake my head quite a bit these days, and did so recently over the recent news that the latest incarnation of Superman will be bisexual. To be honest, Superman’s orientation was never a thing for me. It just did not figure into the mythos. Superman’s sexuality did not factor into the story arch—until it became convenient to co-opt him.

Think for a moment. Superman’s real name was Kal-El. He came from a dead planet to do nothing but continuously give of himself for a home that was not his own. He sacrificed everything that you or I take for granted for a world that knew him not, and cared not one whit for his well-being. Time and again, he set himself aside for a people that were not his own, Kal-El, Clark Kent, Superman, whatever name he chose to use at any given moment recognized that there was something greater than himself. And despite the demands made on him, he always chose the greater good. He chose to place himself below the needs of a people and even an entire planet, none of which were his own.

At his core, Superman is a 20th-century representation of Christ. A father gives his son to save a world that has collapsed under the weight of its own misdeeds. For some of you that might be a stretch, and for others, I have just committed heresy. But I ask you to think for a moment. While Superman may not be Christ, the overtones are undeniable: to give the last full measure of devotion for people who may never fully understand the sacrifice. Superman may not be Christ, but he is a minor equivalent in a 20th-century morality play. And in addition, Christopher Reeve, after his accident, still inspired people to be more than what life had dealt them.

Those of you on the Right may struggle with that analogy of Superman as Christ. And that is fine. Work through it. My beef is not with you. It is with those on the Left. For those of you who are salivating over the idea of a bisexual Superman for no other reason than it allows you to put a thumb in the eyes of traditionalists, enjoy your moment of snark.

Superman was and is great not for his sexuality or lack thereof. Superman was and is great because he cared or cares for more than something greater than himself. You on the Left, by contrast, care for nothing except yourselves. You make Superman a bisexual, self-obsessed narcissist because you yourselves are self-obsessed narcissists. And because of that, you need to reduce everyone to your level, not because it is right or just, but because it soothes your demons and allows you to focus on the one thing that matters: you. Like everything else in the world, Superman must be remolded to legitimize your ego. Your choice of sexual partners aside (and I can tell you most conservatives don’t give a damn who you sleep with), our objection to your agenda is that you care for yourselves above all else. That is why we oppose you. You will pervert and subsume everything in the world to suit your needs.

We don’t care if Superman is gay or bisexual. We need Superman because we want to believe in something greater than ourselves. By subverting him to suit your needs, you show your true colors and show that you are on par with Lex Luthor. You care nothing for anyone but yourselves, and in the end, that is our greatest objection to you and your agenda. When all is said and done, you expect the world to sacrifice to you, while giving nothing of yourselves. And ultimately,  that is the difference between you and Superman. Superman gives of himself for the good of the world. You expect the world to give of itself to satisfy you.

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