The Least Qualified Guy in the Room Is Tasked With Getting Rid of Kyle Rittenhouse’s Gun

The one guy who clearly showed during the Kyle Rittenhouse trial that he didn’t know what he was doing with a gun is now the person tasked with getting rid of one. That was the decision of the judge in the Rittenhouse case, who also took under consideration a plan to divvy up the $2 million in bail money put up for Kyle by supporters, including actor Rick Schroeder.

And if Thomas Binger’s unethical trial shenanigans are any indication, the only logical question a sentient being could ask is, how could Judge Bruce Schroeder (no relation to the actor) trust him with the task?

Rittenhouse’s attorneys asked Judge Schroeder to return Kyle’s belongings, to which he’s legally entitled. The items include his phone and the Smith & Wesson M&P rifle. Rittenhouse attorney Mark Richards told Judge Schroeder that they planned to destroy the gun to keep it from being used for a big payday or a creepy trophy. While it was the instrument that saved Kyle’s life, using the gun to save himself nearly landed him in prison for the rest of his life.

Rittenhouse was not in court on Friday.

The teen was acquitted of the charges brought against him for shooting three men who attacked him, two of whom died. On Aug. 25, 2020, Rittenhouse was asked to help guard a car lot whose other two locations had been trashed and burned by rioters during the previous two nights.

Rittenhouse was chased and attacked by multiple men who tried to wrest his gun from him. As he ran toward police from the first shooting, violent Antifa and Black Lives Matter rioters wanted to get their licks in on him before he reached safety. Rittenhouse was jumped, knocked to the asphalt, kicked in the head, and beaten in the head with a skateboard. One man pointed a gun in his face. The jury found that Rittenhouse fired back in self-defense.

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Rittenhouse and his legal team decided to destroy the gun when they got it back. But Judge Schroeder instead gave the job to Assistant District Attorney Binger — the guy who pointed the gun toward the jury during the trial.

Seems legit.

“Kenosha Joint Services will hold the rifle until it sends a routine batch of firearms to the state crime lab for destruction, likely in April,” according to Binger, who said they would record the gun being destroyed and give it to Richards.

USA Today reports the judge also approved the disbursement of the whopping $2 million in bail money returned after the not guilty verdict. Richards proposed that actor Rick Schroeder gets back the $150,000 he contributed to Rittenhouse’s bail fund, $925,000 goes to Rittenhouse’s attorneys, in trust, and another $925,000 goes to his original attorneys, Lin Wood and John Pierce, who set up the “Fight Back Foundation,” which raised money for Kyle’s high bail. Pierce is currently being sued, and a Las Vegas-based hedge fund trust has also filed to get a piece of the bail money.

Soon after Richards was hired, Wood and Pierce were fired from the case and Kyle’s mom took over the fundraising. Former Rittenhouse legal adviser, attorney Robert Barnes, believes Wendy Rittenhouse should be recompensed for her fundraising efforts as well.

Woods and Pierce have been heavily criticized for treating the case as a political cause. Richards said that the best decision he made during the trial was firing the two attorneys. While it’s believed the firings redounded to Rittenhouse’s political benefit, Wood and Pierce weren’t wrong about the case being a political cause. BLM and Antifa were in the streets to affect political changes. As they were intimidating and attacking people, burning things, and rioting, the notion of law-abiding citizens defending themselves against the thuggery was attacked by the Left, who didn’t want pushback on their pet protesters.

It’s unclear when the judge will decide the final disposition of the bail money.

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