Some in MAGA Movement Turn on Trump for His ‘Betrayal’

QAnon conspiracy theorists, praying for years that Trump would flush Satan-worshipping pedophile elites out of Washington, tore apart any scrap of data from the video to prove that he was playing one final trick. They subjected the time stamps to numerology, thinking that there was a secret message encoded.

“In no way did Trump say he conceded. He said: transitioning to a new Admin. As in, he gonna clear this one out and bring a new one,” tweeted We The Inevitable, a conspiracy account, getting more than 3,000 retweets within the hour. The account’s followers agreed that this was surely a sign that he was getting rid of Vice President Mike Pence — now cast as a MAGA traitor after participating in the certification of Biden’s win — and that on Jan. 20, retired Gen. Michael Flynn, now a full-fledged QAnon patriot, would replace him in Trump’s second term.

Wow. Just wow.

These are the irreconcilables — nothing will ever convince them that their beliefs are insane. And there aren’t just a few of them. There are millions of people who believe in one or more threads of the QAnon conspiracy. They can be a potent political force if someone learns how to dial into their minds as Trump did.

Americans on both sides believe all sorts of crazy things. Most of them are born out of ignorance and fear. But when those conspiracy theories and ideas move from the radical fringe to the mainstream, America has a problem.

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