SFPD Chief Refuses to Work With Radical DA, Accusing Him of ‘Concealing Evidence’ in Cop Shootings

San Francisco’s Soros-supported district attorney, Chesa Boudin, has been accused of pressuring an investigator from his office to sign an affidavit against a police officer that omitted evidence in his defense.

Boudin, whose parents were members of the terrorist Weather Underground, angered the city’s police chief, William Scott, who promptly tore up an agreement he had with the DA’s office to jointly investigate police shootings.

Fox News:

“Very serious concerns have been brought to my attention regarding recent testimony in the Superior Court of the County of San Francisco from a member of the D.A.’s Office who was assigned as an investigator to your Independent Investigations Bureau at the time of the incident in question,” Scott wrote to Boudin on Wednesday.

“Other evidence that was brought forward to the court corroborated the D.A. Investigator’s testimony as it related to violations of the (Memo Of Understanding) agreement. It appears that the D.A.’s Office has an ongoing practice of investigations against SFPD officers that includes withholding and concealing information and evidence the SFPD is entitled to have to further ancillary criminal investigations in accordance with the MOU,” he continued.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was initially signed in 2019 and gave Boudin the lead in investigating alleged crimes committed by the police.

The case involved Officer Terrance Stangel, who was accused of beating a man with a baton and is facing criminal battery and assault charges. A DA investigator from Boudin’s Independent Investigations Bureau, Magen Hayashi, said in court testimony that she felt pressure to sign an affidavit against Stangel or lose her job.

“It was a general understanding in my experience in this office, if you don’t sign these things you’ll be fired,” she told the judge, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Hayashi said she was instructed to not share information with the police and was told to remove parts in the affidavit stating that the man was abusing his girlfriend in the domestic violence case.

Stangel’s attorney said the altercation between the officer and the suspect occurred after the suspect beat his girlfriend.

Boudin tried to deflect attention away from the main issue of his lying by hinting that the police didn’t want to see the “first-ever” trial against a cop.

A representative for Boudin’s office said the decision to terminate the agreement was “disappointing but no coincidence SFPD chose to withdraw from this agreement during the first-ever trial against an on-duty San Francisco police officer for an unlawful beating.”

The motto of radicals in the 1960s was “By any means necessary.” In that context, Boudin’s crooked actions are entirely explainable and would even be applauded by his fellow radicals.

Bob Dylan was a soothsayer when he said, “The Times They Are A-Changin’.”

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