Scott Adams: ‘I Pledge Allegiance to the Official Narrative’

If you missed Scott Adams’s broadcast on Monday morning, let me remedy that. There has been a fundamental change to “Coffee with Scott Adams” when it comes to the simultaneous sip, where we all drink coffee together at the same time. Instead of the usual, Adams opened his broadcast with a new directive that will protect us all going forward in this Brave New World. Please memorize and begin each day with this new pledge if you do not want to be thrown off social media and banned from speaking out in 2021.

“I pledge allegiance to the official narrative. And I affirm that our election systems are the only digital systems that are 100% immune from hacking. I further affirm that there was no election fraud of any kind because we are not allowed to check. Amen and awoman.”

In order to practice, please stand and say it with Adams several times. He will give you guidance on the proper form and delivery.

Though humorous, it’s absolutely true that the powers that be are working overtime to ensure that anyone who even questions our election system’s integrity will be run out of their jobs. I guess if Mark Levin and Ben Shapiro want to stay employed they’ll have to build their own media company. Good luck, guys.

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