Republican Politicians Can Learn an Important Lesson From This Virginia Delegate

This week, Virginia Delegate Nick Freitas stood up in the House of Delegates and said what most Republican voters and even many independents feel. The propensity for Democrats and members of the radical Left to cast personal aspersions when they disagree with their colleagues on policy is at an all-time high. The corporate media parrots those labels, and they even appear in K-12 education.

After the Speaker of the House of Delegates recognized him, Freitas spoke for a little over three minutes in a glorious defense of Republican voters. President Trump used to say the ruling class attacked him because they despised the working class and flyover state Americans who voted for him. Freitas noted when Democrats smear their Republican colleagues as racists, bigots, and sexists over policy disagreements, they insult the people who vote for those representatives too.

One of his Democrat colleagues asked him if he would be “nice” during the upcoming session. He acknowledged he might be seen as not particularly nice during contentious debates. Then Freitas fired his first shot, “But do you know what I have never done, Mr. Speaker? I’ve never gone on this floor and challenged the faith of an elected official because I disagreed with them on policy.”

He continued. “I’ve never gone on this floor, Mr. Speaker, and suggested that the other side of the aisle were racists because they didn’t agree with my particular policy positions. I’ve never suggested they were sexists because they didn’t agree with my particular policy positions.” Then he shared he was keeping a tally of the number of times Democrats hurled those insults in similar situations. The session is just beginning, and Freitas says that subtle and direct accusations of being a bad Christian, a racist, a bigot, or a sexist occur almost daily.

Freitas emphasized, “If you want to debate me on the merits of our particular policies, I am happy to have that discussion.” Then he drew a line. “But the moment you claim, with no evidence other than we don’t agree on a particular policy position, the moment you claim that that makes us racist, or sexist, or bigoted, Mr. Speaker, I’ve got news.”

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Freitas then talked about the recent Virginia election. He said parents approached their elected officials about the school curriculum. Officials dismissed their concerns. When parents returned with evidence of a racialized or sexualized curriculum, school board officials, candidates, current elected officials, and the media smeared them as racists and bigots.

While Republicans and their voters often sit there and take it, Freitas says the passivity is over. At least in the Virginia House of Delegates. “I’m tired of it. My constituents are tired of it. Because when these claims are made, they’re not just made against Governor Glenn Youngkin. They’re not just made against us. They are made in part against the people that elected to send us here.” So, while Freitas says he would like to be “nice,” he is not going to listen to the baseless name-calling. Instead, he will stand up for himself, his Republican colleagues, and constituents.

Speaking to Democrats, Freitas closed with, “So let’s have a robust policy discussion. But if you’re going to question the faith of the intentions of anybody that happens to disagree with you on policy, then you don’t get to lecture us on compassion, tolerance, or open debate.” When he finished, you could hear the applause.

Republicans at all levels should listen to Freitas’ short speech carefully and internalize the message. Then they should develop their own way to tell their Democrat colleagues to knock it off every time it comes up. Next, they should figure out how to silence the Democratic spokespeople in the corporate media who make similar allegations. Most of all, they should start standing up for their voters.

WATCH Delegate Nick Freitas dress down his Democrat colleagues for casting aspersions:

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