Project Veritas Video Exposes Racism and Toxicity at ESPN

Yesterday Project Veritas released a video exposing the workplace of ESPN as being toxic and openly laden with racism. Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe connected with an ESPN studio operator named Trevor Adams, who sought to blow the whistle on the “discrimination” and “racism “ he witnessed at ESPN as an employee. 

Adams says he not only witnessed such behavior but experienced it personally. Once through a headset, a director called Adams “just another white Trump supporter” and said that “if there were more women in this building things would get done a lot better and quicker.”

Other ESPN employees were recorded detailing experiences similar to that of Adams. 

Alyssa Lang, an on-air talent for ESPN, who by appearance is a white female, characterized conversations held around her and comments made directly to her as “Just blatantly racist sh*t.” In one instance, colleagues of Lang were verbally disgruntled about the fact that Lang and her two co-hosts were each white, the suggestion being that if a show is hosted exclusively by white people, it is somehow unfit to exist. 

Doreen Murray, a graphics specialist, described ESPN as being an environment where accusations of racism are thrown around in retaliation for even the mildest bit of conflict. “This company has it set up where you can’t say anything because immediately they turn it around and scream racism.”

This toxic and racialized work environment was felt by both white and black employees at ESPN. 

And all this comes just months after ESPN’s racial fiasco involving Maria Taylor and Rachel Nichols, where Nichols was caught on tape describing how she felt pushed out of an on-air role that was contractually assigned to her, so that the darker-skinned Maria Taylor could ascend to the position, theoretically improving ESPN’s visual diversity posture. 

Despite all of this internal racial tension and toxicity, publicly, ESPN continues in its attempt to position itself as a paragon of social justice and racial equity, both through its programming and, clearly, how the network decides who does and does not get advancements.     

When ESPN President Jimmy Pitaro first assumed his leadership position in 2018, he attempted to steer the worldwide leader in sports away from politics. But after the death of George Floyd, the pressure to go woke mounted, and since then, ESPN has enlisted itself completely into the social justice warrior army. 

ESPN anchor Matt Schick was recorded referring to ESPN and Disney as a “global entity of forced thought.”

If racial essentialism is one part of the forced thought program, vaccine mandates are another. 

Adams has resisted those as well, and at one point, as the vaccine deadline for ESPN loomed, he invited audiences on Instagram to follow what happens at ESPN with regard to how they would enforce the vaccine mandate and what the ramifications of that mandate might be. Would ESPN really go through with firing the unvaccinated? And how would those firings affect how ESPN operates? 

For his protestations, two days later, a police officer showed up at Adams’ residence, inquiring about threatening statements he had made on Instagram. So Adams showed the police officer the Instagram post he had made in reference to ESPN, and after reading it, the officer quickly dismissed the whole thing and admitted he wasn’t sure why he had been sent there to begin with. 

The leadership of ESPN has exhibited cowardice over the past few years, ceding all decision-making and value judgments to the woke mob. Athletic competition often breeds courage and bravery. It’s such a shame that the network responsible for covering athletics possesses neither.   

In terms of where ESPN should go from here, as one video editor put it, if you want social commentary, “Go to church or read the f**king newspaper.”

As for what remains of the carcass that used to be ESPN, stick to sports. 

Here is the entire exposé as posted on the Project Veritas YouTube channel.

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