Ottawa’s Police Crack Down on Truckers

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is, true to form, nowhere to be found as the events of the Canadian Trucker’s convoy unfold. Gad Saad recently did an interview with BJ Dichter, the convoy’s spokesman. Dichter stated the Trudeau is nothing more than the pretty face who masks a raft of bad policies and can be trotted out to spout the party line and then sent away before he steps on a rake. Think of Joe Biden with better optics. And hair.

The same cannot be said for the Ottawa police. Apparently, the Ottawa cops have been busy handing out tickets to convoy members for “excessive honking,” setting off fireworks, and seatbelt violations. Alcohol violations, driving the wrong way, and even obstructed license plates have been earning protestors tickets. And to make sure the point isn’t missed on anyone, police are reportedly seizing fuel and vehicles. Police are reported to be threatening with arrest people who supply the truckers with fuel. There have been reports of protestors defacing national monuments, dancing on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, and a Canadian flag with a swastika on it. But then again, when the media is in bed with the state, it is a fairly easy task to make one or two bad actors into the face of an entire movement. No one can control who shows up for a protest, and one or even a few sour apples are to be expected. After all, remember those mostly peaceful protests in the U.S. not so long ago? Dichter paints a different picture of the event–and to be honest, the left-wing media is good at finding bad people when it is convenient and ignoring them when it is not. But you don’t need me to tell you that. Ottawa has even declared a state of emergency, just in case the locals have not panicked appropriately yet. And in case you missed it, Trudeau himself went into hiding when the truckers rolled into town. Another attempt to heighten the drama and the crisis.

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The protestors have not been exactly taking it lying down, chanting “shame” at the officers. They have also been shouting, “How dare you do something like this when we are fighting for you?” How dare they? Could we have expected anything else? When a government and its supporters get as heavily invested in a narrative as the Trudeau administration has in COVID, the very idea that they might need to admit that the situation may have changed or that they are wrong is nothing less than sacrilege. After all, the status quo and the power of the state must be maintained. And if the people and even some leaders are beginning to change their minds, then of course it is time for emergencies, fear, and the police. When all else fails, drop the hammer. It is a weapon of last resort and what despots do.

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