[No Paywall!] The Kruiser Kabana Episode 167: Nick Searcy Discusses Destroying MSM Jan. 6 Narrative In ‘Capitol Punishment’

Peabody Award-winning actor Nick Searcy (I believe he’s legally changed his name to that now) is one of the most prominent and fearless conservative voices in the entertainment industry. Nick is absolutely brilliant at lighting up the rando commies on social media, as many of you know.

Recently, Nick has been using his talent and clout to push back against the Democrat  Jan. 6 “insurrection” false narrative and the kangaroo trial that House Speaker Granny Boxwine and her congresswraiths have been conducting.

In his riveting documentary Capitol Punishment, Nick deftly uses his sense of humor — when appropriate — to balance out some subject matter that is often dark and disturbing. The stories about the unhinged federal response to the non-insurrection are truly chilling.

Nick and I not only talk about the movie, but about the rapidly changing nature of entertainment and what it bodes for conservatives who are worn out by the leftist bent of mainstream media.

As I mention in this episode, it’s important for conservatives to support efforts from those on our side. I greatly encourage everyone who hasn’t seen Capitol Punishment yet to go get your own copy of the movie ASAP. I promise that you won’t be disappointed.

You can also enjoy Nick Searcy’s dry sense of humor for free on Twitter.

Below the podcast player are a couple of clips from Capitol Punishment to whet your appetite.

Many thanks to Nick for joining me to talk about this. He’ll be back on the Kabana again!

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