Most Diversity Officers at Universities Aren’t All That ‘Inclusive’ When It Comes to Jews and Israel

A study by the Heritage Foundation released this week shows that the vast majority of diversity and inclusion officers at universities hold anti-Israel and pro-China views.

Heritage researchers reviewed the Twitter feeds of 741 diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) officials at 65 different U.S. universities to determine their attitudes toward Israel and China.

Washington Free Beacon:

They found that DEI staff “tweeted, retweeted, or liked almost three times as many tweets about Israel as tweets about China.” Of the tweets in question, 96 percent were critical of Israel, and 62 percent of the China-centered tweets were favorable. “The overwhelming pattern is that DEI staff at universities pay a disproportionately high amount of attention to Israel and nearly always attack Israel,” the study concludes.

The average U.S. college employs 45 DEI staff — a number that’s been on the rise because of a perceived increase in hate on campus.

The problem is that the increase in hate has been directed at Jews.

Jay Greene, one of the study’s authors, told the Washington Free Beacon that his findings indicate that DEI staff are acting as political activists, rather than combating bias and creating a safe space for all college students as their job dictates. “We have documented, established the fact, that DEI staff are overwhelmingly hostile to Israel in a way that clearly shows anti-Semitic motivations,” Greene said.

The findings come as anti-Semitic attacks on students have skyrocketed in recent years, putting the pro-Israel community on edge. There were at least 244 documented anti-Semitic incidents during the 2020-2021 school year, compared with 181 during the previous year.

The thinking of these people is, at best, a little muddled. One assistant director of an Office for Institutional Equity and Diversity wrote, “No apology for a pro-apartheid Zionist organization holding a reception? I guess there’s no justice for Queer Palestinians here.”

Nor is there any justice for queer Palestinians in “Palestine.” Or maybe the cretin doesn’t know that.

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Inevitably, the question becomes “why?” Why are the people who are supposedly charged with insuring equity and inclusion excluding Jewish people and treating them differently than others?

Greene explained: “That ideology is one that the world can be divided into oppressor and oppressed. Then, it’s a question of which groups belong in the ‘oppressor’ category and which belong in the ‘oppressed. They believe the ‘oppressors’ deserve the harsh treatment they receive and the ‘oppressed’ deserve the assistance they can offer.” Jews, he said, “inevitably get put into the ‘oppressor’ group and once they’re put into that group it justifies the harsh treatment they receive.”

Of course, the schools aren’t interested in “diversity” or “inclusion” the way the rest of us might think of the terms. Their ideas on “diversity” do not include, under any circumstances, white males who hold conservative political views. This is a shame because it sounds like these DEI programs could use people a dash of realism to temper their fantasies.

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