Kruiser’s ‘The Worst of Times’ for the Week of Jan. 31—Feb. 6, 2022

(NOTE: I read The New York Times Opinion section so that others don’t have to. While I could write something every day that mocks the lunacy there, I decided to just highlight a few of them once a week. I’ll also offer one from The Washington Post so they don’t feel left out. I provide the actual headline from the op-ed and go from there. Enjoy.)

I haven’t made an official decision yet but I may have to rename this column “The Worst of Krugman.” True, he’s always been awful but lately, it seems as if he’s being paid bonuses for being even more ridiculous.

Rest assured, my friends, we will get to Krugman this week. In fact, I had to choose from three Op-Eds of his before Thursday. Yeah, he’s been on a roll.

Let us, however, begin with another strange thorn in the side of common sense: Ezra Klein.

1. The Covid Policy That Really Mattered Wasn’t a Policy

While not exactly enigmatic, Klein is often confusing. Once or twice a year, he comes so close to getting something right that you wonder how he became a liberal media hack in the first place. I just feel like shouting, “Hey buddy, you’re SO close!”

Klein is one of the rare leftists who is capable of brief flashes of self-awareness, like the one near the top of this Opinion piece:

It’s easy to speak as if policy smoothly reshapes reality. I’m more guilty of that than most.

He then goes to “Blah, blah, blah…” about policy being only as good as the citizens it’s being forced upon allow it to be. Klein says he’s not absolving America’s health policymakers, but this really a big, “Gosh, there wasn’t much Ol’ Joe could have done about any of this,” article. After detailing the horrible messaging from America’s health care officials, Anthony Fauci still gets a pass, and then he hits up Biden’s Chief of Staff Ron Klain to ask about “the absence of messengers with credibility among Republicans.”

The you-know-what covering for Biden in the MSM has been thrown into overdrive now that they’re being forced to admit that the knuckle-draggers have been correct all along.

Times writers are probably having Prilosec shipped to them by the truckload right now.

Well, not by Canadian trucks.

2. How to Fix Child Care Before the Next Pandemic Wave

Clever framing there in the headline for this article, no?

The author uses some future pandemic panic porn as a jumping-off point to lobby for — you guessed it — more government spending on child care.

Keep your grubby, greedy paws off of the little ones, commies.

3. What to Do With Our Pandemic Anger

And here comes Krugman.

This is the second or third article of Krugman’s I’ve read in recent weeks where he begins by donning his cheerleader outfit and spending several paragraphs telling readers how wonderful New York City is and how brilliantly the Bat Flu has been handled there.

Honestly, I’m not clear on which New York City he lives in.

He also touts New Yorkers’ willingness to comply with the vaccine passport Jim Crow rules there, which have effectively ice out a lot of minorities from public life.

This is more boilerplate crap about evil Republicans and our mask-free ways. I think Krugman has four or five versions stored on his computer and just mixes them up a bit at least once a week. Paul Krugman doesn’t feel alive unless he is soiling a diaper about the mean Republicans who, I can guarantee you, he never encounters in real life.

The big surprise with this article is that there is no mention of Ron DeSantis, a name I am convinced Krugman wakes up muttering in fear every morning. He does, however, get in a dig at Fox News and Glenn Youngkin.

Hmm…maybe there’s a new bogeyman under Paulie’s bed.

PostScript: The only way to know we aren’t picking a justice for the wrong reason is to choose a White man

Yes, this is a supposedly lighthearted look at the subject, that’s what Alexandra Petri does for the Post. Still, it’s a bunch of paragraphs satirically claiming that any conservative who is uncomfortable with diversity checkboxes is basically a Klansman. It’s ineptly handled, and it is so freakin’ wearisome. I’m sure Ms. Petri and her editors were quite pleased with this effort but it was so pedestrian that she should have been looking for buses in crosswalks while writing it.

I don’t care one whit if the next Supreme Court justice is a black woman, I just don’t want her to be a judicial activist commie.

Biden needs to try and swing for the fences with this nominee because the current crop of libs on the Court isn’t much of a brain trust.

I’ve got some barbecue ribs calling my name and they’re really loud.

See you next week!

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