Kristi Noem Calls Out the Left’s Hatred and Revisionism

Gov. Kristi Noem continues to drive the left batty with common sense, knowledge, and patriotism.

In a short segment on “Fox News Tonight” Wednesday, host Sean Duffy asked South Dakota’s chief executive officer if she’s concerned about people “coming for Mount Rushmore.”

Duffy raised the issue since New York City is outrageously removing and relocating statues of Presidents Thomas Jefferson and Theodore Roosevelt.

“South Dakota’s putting them up,” Noem told Duffy. “In fact, we’re taking the four presidents that are on Mount Rushmore and building statues to them and putting them on our Capitol rotunda, so that we can send a message to the rest of the world that we’re proud of our leaders. We know they were flawed, but they led us through challenging times, and we’re going to stand behind our true and honest history.”

Duffy asked for more information on current threats.

“There is a concern because the left is canceling two of the faces on Mount Rushmore,” the former Wisconsin congressman continued. “Any concerns about the left coming for Mount Rushmore in South Dakota?”

Noem recalled that security was tight last July 4 because people “were threatening to blow it (the national monument) up” or “pour red paint down the faces and stain it forever.”

“The real hate in this country, I think, for our history, we have to recognize has been around for a very long time, although it’s not been something that so many people in the country have been aware of,” the popular Republican governor added.

Duffy applauded Noem, then pressed her on how to defend history and Thanksgiving “to make sure we preserve it for future generations.”

“Use every opportunity you have to be in front of a group to share the true history of what happened,” Noem explained. “That’s one of the reasons in our K-12 curriculum we make sure children read the Declaration of Independence, and read the history of Thanksgiving… so that we can’t have people twist it and make lies out of it, and use it for an agenda to fundamentally change this country.”

That’s great, but in America’s largest city, two of the four men on Mount Rushmore have been removed from public view. Why?

The Jefferson statue apparently was “problematic” to a cadre of radicals because, as an official argued, “it makes me deeply uncomfortable knowing that we sit in the presence of a statue that pays homage to a slaveholder who fundamentally believed that people who look like me were inherently inferior, lacked intelligence, and were not worthy of freedom or right.”

The woke mob targeted Roosevelt, a staunch progressive on many issues, because of the statue’s depiction of a black man and a Native American man walking behind him. We are not sure why that deserved such outrage, other than “racism.”

The Roosevelt “Equestrian” statue, famous for being located at the American Museum of Natural History for many years, is now moving to North Dakota. It will find a welcoming home at the new Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library in the western North Dakota town of Medora, where Roosevelt lived on the Little Missouri River during the 1880s. The museum is scheduled to open in 2026.

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