Keep ‘Em High: Democrats Making It Easier for Minorities to Get Whacked Out on Serious Drugs

The left seems obsessed with bending over backward to make it easy for minorities to get hammered.

As PJ Media’s own Chris Queen reported earlier, the Biden administration is coughing up mad stacks to help “underserved communities” get zonked on hard drugs.

The feds are spending $30 million to help vulnerable populations get whacked, and that includes the LGBT alphabet soup peeps as well. All this to supposedly “help” drug users not OD. Making it easy to shoot or smoke serious drugs seems akin to having a suicide prevention meeting at a gun range.

Biden and the Democrats are giving black people drug paraphernalia. President Trump gave them the lowest black unemployment rate in history.

Biden isn’t the only commie helping the downtrodden trash their lives. Former New York City pinko mayor Bill De Blasio opened two “shooting galleries” in the city, one in east Harlem and one in Washington Heights — both of which are minority neighborhoods. East Harlem is largely Spanish and Washington Heights is mostly black. The galleries allow a “safe” place for addicts to inject heroin. I remember when Democrats wanted to help people get off drugs and get their lives back.

Let’s not forget the vaccine-pushing apparatchiks also offered free weed and beer to convince people to get the vaccine, which is almost as dumb as offering people French fries and donuts to get the vax, even though COVID-19 is a chubby-chaser that feasts on fat people.

P.S. I hope I’m never THAT desperate for a free Budweiser.

Are drug kits a good idea? Not unless you’re looking to kill black, Hispanic, and gay people.

But Democrats aren’t interested in saving lives. Our southern border, much like Antifa, is a “myth.”

Fentanyl flows over our border like a chocolate fountain in Stacey Abrams’ kitchen. Fentanyl overdoses are now the leading cause of death in American adults age 18–45.

Where are we seeing a boom in drug overdoses? You know where: mostly in blue cities. Thirty-four of them, to be exact.

Here are some not-so-fun facts about drug deaths around the country:

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Why would the Democrats, supposedly the party of minorities, make drug abuse so easy?

Because people on drugs are way easier to control and manipulate than sober, healthy, happy people with a reason to live.

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