Just in Time! Gift Ideas to Help You Wrap Up Your Shopping

Can you believe it? Only two weeks until Christmas! But don’t panic — you still have plenty of time to order or pick something up for the friends and family on your list. Below are a few of my go-to gift ideas for giving 2021. Once we have the gift-giving part all wrapped up, it’s great to be able to relax and revel in the meaning of the holiday itself — the celebration of the Greatest Gift Ever Given.

Do you have any great gift ideas? Share them in the comments below and help your fellow PJ Media readers finish up their shopping!

Small Children (age 3 – 6)

These are the prime read-to-them years, so I recommend story books (along with the even more precious gift of your time as you read to them, if you are in the same locale). But don’t get just any story book; look for the timeless classics that shape traditional American values and culture. Aesop’s Fables, illustrated stories from the Bible, or volumes of classic fairytales and folktales are all great choices that will both entertain and impart morals and wisdom to young children. Look for richly printed books featuring full color, beautiful illustrations to feed the children’s aesthetic sense as well as their imagination.

Children (age 6 – 11)

This age can be a little trickier, as kids start to develop distinct personalities and individual preferences. If you know the child has a strong interest or hobby, it’s always a good idea to give him or her something related to that. Otherwise, there are plenty of gifts that appeal to most kids in this age range.

For boys (and some girls), you can’t go wrong with almost anything from Nerf. Smaller, simpler models are great for the younger kids, while the more complex, specialized Nerf weapons are great fun for older kids.

For girls, I am in love with teddy bear jackets this year. Also called teddy jackets, these cuddly outer layers are spun of insanely soft, cozy fleece, are equally fluffy inside and out, and come in plenty of colors and patterns. A super-soft leopard print jacket or hoodie is bound to become a snuggly winter favorite.

Girls also love sloths. (Don’t ask me.) Look for a plush toy sloth, the more realistic the better. Bonus points if its hands can be clasped together so its owner can wear it around her neck.

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Teens and 20-Somethings

By this age, the gift recipient is generally happier making his or her own choices, so gift cards become the go-to present. Young adults can always use a gift card to a coffee shop, for rides on Lyft or Uber, or food delivery via Grubhub, DoorDash or Uber Eats.

If your young adult is working and mostly independent, a year’s subscription to Amazon Prime is a great choice. They’ll really appreciate the free shipping.

Concert tickets are another much-appreciated gift, if you happen to know a favorite artist is performing nearby sometime soon.


I recommend avoiding material gifts that will clutter up a home, unless you know for certain that the item is something the recipient will truly appreciate and enjoy. Here are some gifts that will brighten almost anyone’s day and won’t wind up gathering dust in a closet:

  • A donation to a favorite charity in honor of the recipient.
  • Something delicious, like homemade treats or a package of wild honeycomb.
  • A bottle of something to warm the bones on those long, cold winter nights.
  • A seasonal arrangement; you can order it from the florist or get out in the yard with a pair of pruners and gather evergreens to make your own.

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Click, click, DONE! Now go enjoy everything great about the Christmas season!

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