Hey Uber Drivers! Be Careful Who You Trash-Talk Trump To

This is the best video on the internet right now. In it, a beautiful woman (who is clearly my sister from another mister) goes off on an Uber driver who made the mistake of trash-talking President Trump in front of her. The media has so brainwashed people into thinking that no black person could possibly support Trump, that it’s okay to say these things in front of black people and they will automatically agree. I think Americans are getting sick of hearing this unhinged and unsolicited negativity everywhere they go and the dam is about to break. It sure did for this traveler. Watch and grab some popcorn. A better tongue lashing you may never see as she tears into the Nigerian driver for bad-mouthing our president.

I wish I knew how to find her. I’d buy her a drink or two and we’d laugh ourselves silly at these poor, deranged people who cannot keep their political opinions to themselves even when it could cost them income. America is great. Our president is great. AWhy do they do this? What would you do if your cab driver did this to you?

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