God Bless Joe Manchin

In Judaism as in other faith traditions, we are enjoined to thank God for miracles, and to especially pray for blessings upon those who have the courage to do holy work in this world.

Ribbono Shel Olam, Master of the Universe, we thank you for inspiring the heart of Senator Joseph Manchin III to stand up for Your ethics and will by rejecting the proposed BBB spending fiasco.  We ask your blessings upon Senator Manchin, upon his family and friends, and upon all the people in West Virginia who placed this courageous man in public office.

May Senator Manchin remain steadfast in the courage he has shown in acting to protect this nation from the forces that seek to destroy our foundation, and may he be rewarded with good health and prosperity now and throughout his life.

Holy One, we ask that you keep Senator Manchin and his family safe and healthy in these turbulent times. May You keep him and his loved ones protected from all forms and sources of evil, and always protect them as Senator Manchin continues to work in Your name for the people of his state and our nation.

Thank you, God, for placing in our Congress a man who seeks peace and prosperity for all the people of the United States of America over a value of blind partisanship. May You continue to bless our nation with representatives filled with strength and wisdom, with courageous leaders of holy principles, and bring us all safely into a time of good health, peace and prosperity for all American citizens and the world.

And together we say, Amen.

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