For the Left, the Only Good Republican Is a Dead Republican

The headline of Paul Krugman’s recent disingenuous New York Times column discussing the death of Bob Dole asks, “Where Have All the Grown-ups Gone?”

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“It’s not just that he was a war hero, or that he reminds us of an era in which the two parties were willing to work together in the national interest,” the left-winger opines. “His life story also reminds us of a time when public figures were supposed to show some sense of responsibility — to possess basic decency, to admit to mistakes when they made them, even to put their lives on the line in time of war.”

Krugman, who’s been completely wrong all year on inflation, spends the rest of the piece attacking former President Donald Trump, today’s Republican Party, and–most absurdly–Kyle Rittenhouse.

By praising Dole, Krugman tries to shows he respects some Republicans, even if he despises George W. Bush, Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, and other conservatives.

But this is part of a hypocritical trend among legacy media: The only good Republican is a dead one.

Former President Barack Obama often lauded Ronald Reagan, although he and his fellow travelers mocked and denounced Reagan during the 1980s.

Krugman, who’s been at the Gray Lady for about 30 years, had no cordial words about Dole during the senator’s long lifetime.

He attacked the Kansan on the same grounds he uses to contrast him against today’s Republicans, including calling him a dishonest person of lower character than Bill friggin’ Clinton.

It’s too bad for Krugman that we now have internet search engines.

“It is a shame that we must choose between the lesser of two evils, but we must. Mr. Clinton’s sins are venial compared with the desperate irresponsibility and cynicism of his opponent,” he wrote during the 1996 presidential election campaign. “We expect responsible adults to start preparing for their retirement decades in advance. Why shouldn’t we ask the same of our Government? Mr. Clinton basically passes this test.”

The retired Ivy League professor didn’t limit his critiques to Dole’s policies; he attacked the World War II hero’s character.

“Some people say that this election is not only about policy, but also about character. I agree. But when I look at Bob Dole, I see a man who for the sake of ambition would choose to gamble with the very solvency of our Government. Mr. Dole deserves to lose.”

Now that Dole is dead, Krugman pretends he wishes for “grown-up” Republicans like the senator?

Sadly, this will always occur. First, corporate media columnists assail the character of a Republican, especially a presidential nominee. Then, when that person dies, they ask, “Why can’t we find upstanding Republicans like that anymore?”

John McCain, according to the media in 2008, was an abhorrent man with racist tendencies. Then the famous senator died, and the same folks wished Republicans would be more like him.

George H.W. Bush received similar treatment when he departed politics and when he died three winters ago.

With help from the Obama campaign’s slanders, the media turned the morally sound Romney into a villainous bigot.

Aside from the left and some populist goons, everyone realizes the aforementioned men were solid politicians, scarcely different in 1996 than 2018.

But it doesn’t matter. Other left-leaning websites already picked up and expanded on Krugman’s ignorant thesis. It’s all balderdash.

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