Fire Whoopi! Mutually Assured Destruction Is the Only Way to End Cancel Culture for Good

My esteemed colleague Stephen Green is usually right about everything. He has as good a rating as Rush Limbaugh did —  right around 99.8% of the time, everything Vodkapundit says is brilliant and right on the nose. But I think I found the chink in his armor today. Green wrote, “Shouting ‘Fire Whoopi Goldberg!’ on Twitter or Facebook might feel good, but getting rid of The View star for her idiotic comments on the Holocaust won’t fix anything.”

Au contraire, my friend, but it will! It will fix everything! Why? For the same reason that a nuclear America made a nuclear USSR cave: mutually assured destruction. If you nuke us, we will nuke you and we will all die in a hellish inferno. (I guess the Russians did love their children too.) If “our guys” get canceled and fired like Gina Carano for saying political things that people don’t like, then “their guys” need to face the same consequences.

In normal times, conservatives hate cancel culture. We believe in free speech! We shouldn’t ever want anyone fired for using their free speech, and we don’t. But these are not normal times. We’re in a cold war every bit as important as the cold war in the ’80s that saved the world from Communism. We’re going to do it again, and the only way to beat back the left is to play their game. Make them eat their own under the rules they built. If you can be fired for one politically incorrect opinion, then so can they.

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Ben Shapiro stated it perfectly. “In a sane world, Whoopi wouldn’t be suspended. But the Left’s standard is that if you say a Bad Thing then you lose your job. So they should fire her. Mutually assured destruction until you stop with all of this nonsense.”

This is exactly right. But before the left will stop canceling us, they need to lose a lot more of their own to this war. That means instead of being squeamish about firing Whoopi, we should join the outraged masses calling for her head. These are the new rules! We follow the new rules! OFF WITH HER HEAD! And then we will laugh and have a pint over it.

Eventually, the left will get sick of losing their own game and they’ll change the rules. But we aren’t there yet. Many more heads on the left need to roll before this stupid experiment in censorship is over.

Green wrote, “So go ahead and fire Whoopi Goldberg… or don’t. But if she does get fired, the economics of TV infotainment require that ABC News hire someone pretty much just like her.” True! (I told you, he’s almost always right.) And that’s fine! Let them have to do that. Let them have to go through the anxiety and mess of looking for a replacement, hoping it won’t hurt the show and desperately hoping we won’t find anything objectionable in the new person’s Twitter history. (And believe me, we’ll be looking!) They must be inconvenienced and economically sanctioned for their role in pushing cancel culture on us. When they are sufficiently sorry and they wave the white flag, we will stop. But not until then. Not until Carano and Roseanne are able to work in this town again. All bets are off. We are not “better than that.”


Here’s a fun look back at the cultural handwringing that happened over the nuclear arms race. But Reagan was right. He didn’t blink. We must do the same. What might save us, me and you, is if the leftists love their children too.

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