Denying Reality Will Not Save the Country From President-Elect Biden’s Agenda

On January 20, 2021 president-elect Joe Biden will be sitting in the Oval Office planning how he’s going to turn his radical agenda into a reality. Ordinarily, it wouldn’t take much urging to get conservatives to man the battlements and fight for their idea of what America is and should be.

But too many on the right will still be fighting the last war. And that’s a monumental mistake. President Biden will use the first 100 days in office in a primal thrust to accomplish as much of his agenda as possible. He won’t get much legislation passed. But organizing now to head him off before he gets any momentum is imperative.

Meanwhile, the right is policing its own ranks, making sure that no one refers to a Biden victory or as Joe Biden as “president-elect.”


Organizations can’t sound the alarm about President-elect Joe Biden’s agenda. Conservative reporters won’t take pitches about Biden’s rumored Cabinet contenders, insistent on covering evidence-deficient claims of voter fraud instead. One conservative group involved in policy advocacy backed off from hiring two soon-to-depart Trump administration officials after growing concerned about the consequences.

And it’s all because of an unspoken rule set by President Donald Trump: Do not acknowledge Biden’s imminent White House takeover.

It’s silly, really — a parody of an old comedy skit. The courts are not going to save Donald Trump. Recounts are not going to save him. There is no magic bullet that will be found that “proves” that millions of votes were fraudulently cast.

The Constitution is clear; once electors vote Joe Biden president on December 14, no power in the United States will alter that reality. Trump’s legal effort — something he was perfectly within his rights to undertake — will end very soon and with it, any hope of changing the outcome.

And Joe Biden and the Democrats sit on the sidelines and are perfectly content to sit back and watch Republicans cut each other to ribbons over the question of who is able to deny reality more fervently.

“Republicans can’t afford to get stuck in the denial stage of grief,” said Sen. Ben Sasse of Nebraska, one of only a handful of GOP lawmakers who have congratulated Biden on his victory. Sasse even broke Trump’s unspoken rule by saying he would “crawl over broken glass before allowing the Senate to confirm” some of the names being floated for Cabinet positions in Biden’s administration.

“We’ve got some big fights ahead, and it’d be prudent for Republicans to be focused on the governance challenges facing our center-right nation,” Sasse said.

Sasse is in bad odor with many Trump loyalists for saying nasty things about the president, but he should be listened to here. This is not a question of personal pique or any kind of loyalty test. This is, as we were constantly reminded by both sides during the election, for the “soul of the nation.”

Trump is going to be petty and small during the transition, as he was petty and small while in office. That doesn’t mean his supporters should abandon America to the likes of Bernie Sanders and Rep. Ocasio-Cortez. Someday soon, denial will give way to acceptance. But by then, it may be too late.

“Educating the public and preparing to fight things like the ‘America Last’ immigration plan that is set to begin on Day 1 of a Biden administration doesn’t undercut pending litigation or efforts to ensure that all votes are counted,” Hauman said. “If transition folks are quietly crafting ways to grant amnesty and open our borders, people need to know.”

The time to organize against this onslaught is now. And to do that, the very simple, common-sense acknowledgment of who and what we’re fighting must be made.

We don’t have the luxury to wallow in our own conceits about this election.

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