Crabby, Maskless Obama Tours His Controversial Hawaiian Waterfront Mansion

Former President Barack Obama has been photographed not wearing a mask as he discussed his nearly-finished mansion with the duly masked workers who are building it for him. Perhaps Obama should have worn a mask so people wouldn’t see his dour expression, as though having yet another waterfront mansion still isn’t good enough for him. But then again, he wouldn’t want to be mistaken for the help.

Barack and his stately spouse, Michelle, own at least two other multi-million-dollar residences, including a mansion in the nation’s capital and a waterfront compound on the exclusive, ritzy Massachusetts island of Martha’s Vineyard. Unlike former President Trump, who lost $2 billion of his own money while serving as president, the Obamas seem to have left office far better off than when they entered.

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The Hawaiian mansion, which is located in the ocean-front community of Waimanalo, was purchased in 2015 for $8.7 million by Obama pal and chair of the Obama Foundation Marty Nesbitt. State records currently list the property owner as Waimanalo Paradise, an LLC that was set up by Nesbitt. The new owners split the property into two lots … and then the controversies began.

First of all, the original home on the property was made famous for appearing in the 1980’s TV show Magnum P.I. Neighbors were sad to see the building demolished rather than renovated. But as the structure had no historical landmark protection, the new owners were free to do as they pleased.

The larger controversy was sparked when the Honolulu Department of Planning and Permitting issued the property developer a special permit. The Honolulu Star-Advertiser explained in 2020:

The shoreline permit, issued by Honolulu’s Department of Planning and Permitting on Monday, clears the way for the controversial multimillion dollar renovation of a century-old seawall in the heavily Native Hawaiian community of Waimanalo.

Under state and county laws, such projects are typically banned. Scientists and environmental experts say seawalls are the primary cause of beach loss throughout the state, and officials expect older ones to fall into obsolescence.

Opponents say that developers obtain variances to get around state policies which were created to protect the environmentally sensitive and naturally beautiful Hawaiian coastline. Concerned residents want the wealthy waterfront dwellers to move their homes back from the shoreline, removing the need for seawalls and allowing the beaches to return to their natural state. The Star-Advertiser reports that the island of Oahu has already lost a quarter of its coast to seawalls. “The beach [in front of the Obama-Nesbitt compound] is virtually gone,” it says. “The turquoise ocean now slams up against the seawall most of the time, leaving no room for the public to fish or sit along the coast.”

Preventing the filthy, unwashed native population from being able to access the beach in front of the house and pollute the sainted Obamas’ view is undoubtedly a feature, not a bug. And the environment will just have to look after itself, if the alternative is that these Leftist idols don’t get everything they want.

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