CNN Analyst Says Manchin Should Leave the Democrat Party

CNN analyst Kirsten Powers thinks Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) should switch parties and become an Independent or a Republican.

Powers, a former Democrat staffer, slammed Manchin during an appearance on “Don Lemon Tonight,” and argued that “so many accommodations” have been made for him over Biden’s Build Back Better social spending bill that he shouldn’t expect Democrats to make any more concessions.

“Because the price tag has come down substantially, and at this point there is no reason for Joe Manchin to believe that this entire bill should be written to his specifications, as if the only opinion that matters is his,” Powers said.

She then suggested that Manchin might as well switch parties.

“Honestly, at this point I think it would be better off if he just became an independent or a Republican, so that we can stop playing this game that Joe Biden has these Democrats that he’s not bringing around, because there’s just no reason to not support this bill if you’re a Democrat,” Powers said.

If Manchin switched to the GOP, he would put Republicans in the majority and thus in control of the upper chamber of Congress.

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“At least it would be very clarifying. He could still be an independent and caucus with the Democrats when he wants to, but [it would] be very clarifying because he’s not opposing this bill based on any issues that any Democrat wouldn’t support,” she said.

Laughably, Powers also claimed that Build Back Better is a “perfectly mainstream bill” and not “wildly progressive.”

Yeah, okay, sister.

Manchin revealed last month that he’s approached “every day” about switching parties and that it probably would be “easier” to join the GOP than remain a Democrat. That said, he’s made it clear that it won’t happen.

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