Canada Has a Problem With Brandon

“Let’s Go Brandon” has made its way north of the border, where Canadian officials have banned its use by government workers.

In a notice written late last week, a [REDACTED] official (see photo below) warned that “the use of the wording ‘Let’s Go Brandon” and any variation thereof under any circumstances is banned.”

“Violation of this policy,” the notice concludes, “will be grounds for immediate dismissal without recourse or labour union representation.”

The letter was photographed — with privacy-protecting redactions — and posted on several social media accounts.

Canadians might prefer to know who would be foolish enough to sign their own name to such a liberty-snuffing document, while they gather together their tar and feathers.

Let's Go Brandon Banned

If you know anything about trying to get a government worker fired, you know how difficult or even impossible that can be, no matter how inept or unproductive they might be — in the U.S. or in Canada.

But now, our Canadian friends have declared that a single utterance of “Let’s Go Brandon” is enough to get you fired at once and without recourse.

You might wonder why the Canadian bureaucracy would go to such lengths to protect America’s alleged president, Joe Biden.

But “Let’s Go Brandon” has very quickly morphed into something much greater than showing defiance for the doddering old man quickly shaping up to be America’s worst president since Woodrow Wilson.

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“Let’s Go Brandon” is the chant for anyone sick of unconstitutional mandates, of petty authoritarianism, of bossy Karens (both in and out of government), of a chaotic border, of rising inflation, of official denials of rising inflation, of (perhaps most of all) governments everywhere that seem content to let things get worse because they don’t suffer the consequences of their own ineptitude.

Since we seem to be stuck in a hellish rerun of the ’70s anyway, “Let’s Go Brandon” is the updated version of “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!”

That’s why “Let’s Go Brandon” rings loudly enough in Canada that the government had to muzzle its own workers.

They ought to be chanting it at Canadian high school hockey games.

They ought to be chanting it at Australian football games.

They ought to be chanting it at British cricket matches.

They ought to be chanting it at New Zealand rugby matches.

I want to hear Lass uns gehen Brandon and Allons Brandon and Пойдем Брэндон, and maybe even 让我们去布兰登.

If you haven’t shouted or chanted it yet, why not?

Don’t wait any longer. Let’s go, Brandon.

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