BREAKING: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Tests Positive for COVID

Days after being photographed maskless in Florida, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) has tested positive for COVID.

“Representative Ocasio-Cortez has received a positive test result for COVID-19,” her office said in a statement. “She is experiencing symptoms and recovering at home.”

Her office also confirmed that Ocasio-Cortez was fully vaccinated and received her booster shot this past fall. Despite contracting COVID while fully vaxxed and boostered, Ocasio-Cortez “encourages everyone to get their booster and follow all CDC guidance.”

AOC has been a strong supporter of COVID restrictions, yet she hypocritically enjoyed going maskless in Florida over New Year’s weekend. She responded to the criticism of her hypocrisy by accusing Republicans of wanting to date her.

“If Republicans are mad they can’t date me they can just say that instead of projecting their sexual frustrations onto my boyfriend’s feet,” she tweeted.

I’m guessing the Republicans who didn’t want to date her before want to date her even less now.

It is not clear how or when she contracted COVID, but she’ll probably blame Ron DeSantis for making her go maskless in Florida.

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