Body Language Expert Analyzes Pedophile Seeking Visitation With Child

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Chuck Haynes is sitting in jail for sodomizing his step-daughter when she was between the ages of twelve and fourteen years old. He is also the father of Mikaela Haynes, who committed suicide at the age of fourteen because she believed the Missouri court system was going to force her to have visitation with him. Her sister, Hayne’s last remaining living child, is now just twelve years old. Lawyers for Haynes from Cordell & Cordell are fighting to get visitation for the admitted and convicted child rapist with her.

This case has received much attention from family court activists. Members of the Missouri House of Representatives who have already heard testimony about this divorce case, which has lasted more than eight years and is still ongoing with no resolution in sight–even after the suicide of one child during the process.

Body language expert Mandy O’Brien has uploaded to YouTube a detailed analysis of Haynes’s deposition, which was filmed from prison. This analysis cannot be missed by anyone following this case. Throughout the analysis, O’Brien points out many indicators of lying and deception along with portrayal and hiding.

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Throughout the deposition, Haynes responds in a painfully slow way, often pausing for long periods of time while making strange straining noises to fill the silences. “This is that part of trying your patience in hopes that you will take the first thing that comes out of his mouth and stop talking to him,” said O’Brien. “It’s just a tactic. He seems non-aggressive by doing that. He seems like an invalid—someone you wouldn’t have to fear, it garners sympathy from the SJWs, ‘aw, he needs help,’ and he’s used to getting that response,” she continued.

When questioned about images of child pornography on the computer that he used that was turned over to the prosecutor, Haynes reacted with a huge facial reaction that O’Brien described as an “oh shi*t!” moment. “You know those were the words he wanted to bring out of his mouth, ‘uuuuuuuh it’s not mine!’ [He’s] bug-eyed, stress in the face, trying to get out of the situation by literally pushing himself away,” said O’Brien. “I guess he wasn’t counting on that.”

“It takes him forever to spit it out,” said O’Brien, referring to his slow pattern of speech and hemming and hawing for every answer. “Dammit, if you’re going to lie, at least be good at it,” she quipped. O’Brien also commented on the amount of tightness and stress in his upper body that she says indicates he’s hiding something big. “Whatever is demented in his mind, because all we know about is this pedo thing, it makes you wonder for as tight as he is if there’s more in there,” she said. “None of it looks like truth,” continued O’Brien. “The same body movements, the stiffness, no brain search, no nothing. It’s just a story. Some of it may be true but we actually really can’t tell because he’s lying or covering something so hard it’s coming out of all of his pores.”

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O’Brien did catch a moment during the deposition she says is an indication of shame. This is when Haynes denied seeing the child pornography on the computer he used. “Finally we see something, he looks away. He looks down. Emotional shame…why are we accessing that part of the brain and then at the same time being as tight as we are with the arms in the lap and that triangle?” The triangle O’Brien mentions is the upper body from under each arm as the base and to the top of the chin in a triangle shape. She says that in a person who is relaxed and being honest, that part of the body will move independently. In Haynes’ case, that part of his body is moving in unison and “tight like a noose,” according to O’Brien.

When asked about how he met guardian ad litem Jennifer Williams, who is currently being sued for the wrongful death of Mikaela, Haynes had a telling reaction. “His eye movements literally are saying ‘I have to temper this response’ with whatever BS comes out of his mouth,” said O’Brien. “And since we know his tactic is to stall and do noises to fill the void so he doesn’t seem like he’s avoiding the question, he’s coming up with a lie.”

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The hardest part of the deposition to watch is when attorney Evita Tolu starts asking him about his relationship with Mikaela, his daughter who committed suicide.

“He becomes annoyed instantly, he looks away and comes back with a huff, ‘fine.’ Right there, there’s something wrong. That’s not normal,” said O’Brien. “This child is dead. She’s 14 years old and she hanged herself. As a parent, anything that puts you back in that memory should literally kill your heart. You should see something, even if you’re trying to hide emotion you should see that. Not irritation.”

Tolu continued with her questioning, asking Haynes if he had sexually violated Mikaela and revealing that Mikaela told her pediatrician that he raped her and, as a result, she had to be tested for a wide range of STDs including HIV and syphilis. Haynes reacted with an angry outburst. O’Brien says the viewer could jump to the wrong conclusion because his anger wasn’t in response to being accused of sexually assaulting his daughter, but only emerged after the allegation of STDs came up.

O’Brien says that the allegation of raping Mikaela was followed by signs of relief from Haynes, showing that the allegation doesn’t bother him. But then when Tolu brought up the STDs he might have given her, that’s when the anger came out. “He gets extremely annoyed with the list of STDs that the child had to go through because the perpetrator that did it to her possibly has them,” she said. “He’s so mad over this whole concept of it you can literally see his jaw muscles popping out repeatedly. It’s like somebody went and told him he has HIV.” She continued, “That’s what he’s angry about. Nobody who didn’t do it would be angry about that. The person who raped her and might have an STD would be.”

Then Tolu asked Haynes if he sodomized his daughter, and Haynes would not answer. “You see the twitching of the arm and the lack of movement in the triangle. Yes, we know the answer. He did,” O’Brien said. “Sometimes part of reading body language isn’t just about looking at where somebody’s arm is going or what movement they’re doing. It’s realizing that the lines on their face have been etched there for a reason,” she explained. “Nothing that this man does or says makes any sense,” she continued. “And the things that he gets angry at [don’t] make any sense. It is not the behavior of a loving parent, which makes everything he says, suspect.”

Watch the whole video below.

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