Biden’s Pittsburgh Speech a Gafftastic Success

If the success of Joe Biden’s speeches were measured by the number, frequency, and the outrageous stupidity of his gaffes, the president’s Pittsburgh speech would rank as one of his finest.

Hours before Joe Biden went to the city to talk about infrastructure, Pittsburg’s Forbes Ave. bridge over Fern Hollow Creek collapsed. The timing of the bridge collapse was suspicious. Could White House aides have snuck into Pittsburgh the previous day and caused the bridge collapse to make Biden look like a prophet?

Given the president’s standing in the polls, anything is possible.

Red State’s Nick Arama documented several laughably inexplicable gaffes uttered by Biden during the speech. It seems Mr. Biden has had difficulty remembering names — something I can sympathize with as I am also a doddering old fool who’s losing my mind.

Maybe one of the reasons that they don’t want to meet with Biden or have him in to help with their campaigns is he might not be able to even remember their names or what positions they hold.

When talking about Rep. Conor Lamb (D-PA), Biden got his position wrong, referring to him as a senator.

Then Biden spoke about his infrastructure czar, in charge of the distribution of dollars, former mayor of New Orleans, Mitch Landrieu. Biden couldn’t seem to remember his name and then called him “Mayor of Louisiana.”

Is there anything creepier than when Biden does than lean-forward-into-the-mic-and-whisper thing?

Very weird.

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I think Joe Biden might have taken an economics course when he was a freshman in college 60 years ago. He thinks he knows something about the subject, although as he shows in the next clip, my pet cat Midnight knows more about economics than he does. Watch him try to explain inflation:

Mr. Arama is not impressed:

Huh? That’s like saying high costs cause high costs. Does he not understand what inflation is?

What Biden was trying to say was that one-third of the increase in the rate of inflation is from the price of used cars — a meaningless statistic that shows his speechwriters are as ignorant about economics as he is.

All costs are up across the board.

He loses it on the question of the cost of insulin. This makes me think again about the fact that uncontrolled anger is often part of dementia.

Sadly, Mr. Arama is correct. The left really loves their politicians to emote, throwing tantrums and yelling like little children when they don’t get their way. In some dim and distant part of his mind, Biden must remember that, and every once in a while he lets loose with a completely unrelated, incoherent rant.

Biden has now returned to the White House where he has no doubt been put to bed with a warm glass of milk and told his bedtime story. Meanwhile, the nation and the world are blowing up and the president is unwilling or unable to do much to stop it.

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