Biden and the Democrats’ Colossal Failures Set Up a 2022 Reckoning

“America is back!” Joe Biden declared more than a year ago, as if immediately upon taking office, the former mediocre senator and vice president would restore America’s “role in the world.”

Biden basically meant the United States would again attend international summits and sign meaningless joint statements. Otherwise, he’s failed everywhere.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane 2021:

China exacerbated the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic by lying for several weeks two winters ago, and evidence shows the world has been dealing with a deadly virus — nearly 6 million have died — because of recklessness at a Chinese biological research lab. And Beijing is still lying.

The shambolic surrender in Afghanistan — where Americans and our allies still remain trapped four months later — shows we will not fight, train, or even leave professional security forces anywhere anymore. This colossal geopolitical failure also shows that we, a superpower, no longer keep promises. Naive isolationists and anti-war goons just want foreign policy stories off the front page.

Every odious dictator, rogue state, and bloodthirsty terrorist around the world notices that Biden made a spectacular miscalculation in Afghanistan, and we will be reckoning with the consequences of those errors for decades.

Biden, who claims he won the Democrat presidential primary because he wasn’t a socialist, refused from day one to stand up to the noxious left wing of his party.

Biden absolutely was not elected to be FDR; he was elected to not be Donald Trump, proven by the Democrats’ shocking losses in the U.S. House and only earning a U.S. Senate split via silly runoff elections the GOP and former president handed to them. Biden had no coattails.

After spending 2020 pledging “I’m not going to shut down the economy, I’m going to shut down the virus,” Biden apparently planned only to tell everyone to wear masks, roll out the vaccines his predecessor began, and hope the virus disappeared.

By autumn, Biden said his patience was wearing thin and decided to threaten unvaccinated Americans.

The vaccines were supposedly the solution to the pandemic, but more than 85% of American adults now have a least one shot, and yet the country is now in its highest state of community transmission. Omicron doesn’t care if you’re vaccinated, though as it appears mainly innocuous; hopefully, this is the last gasp of COVID, and we’ll all have some immunity and the virus will be unable to infect anyone anymore.

On Washington policy, the administration refuses to recognize what can and cannot be passed when the president’s party has an infinitesimal House majority and a tied Senate.

Radical Democrats interpreted the 2020 results as a green light to confiscate another $6 trillion in taxpayer money, promote critical race theory in schools, publicly fund abortion, demonize the police, and push through once-in-a-decade policy changes the public abhorred. They failed miserably.

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One year of Democrat governance has brought the country an endless border crisis, an inflation crisis, a supply-chain crisis, a labor-shortage crisis, and a general sense of lugubriousness.

After what we saw in the 2021 elections in Virginia, New Jersey, and urban liberal locales, we could soon see a massive red wave, with Republicans winning governorships they lost in 2018 and dominating legislative races. And that’s what Joe Biden, his affirmative action vice president, delusional administration, and unhinged party have wrought.

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