After Gaslighting Us About ‘White Supremacist Terror,’ Biden’s Handlers Admit Jihad Still a ‘Pervasive Threat’

We all know that “white supremacists” are the biggest terror threat the nation faces today; we know this because Joe Biden’s handlers keep insisting it is so. Last May, Gestapo chief Merrick Garland insisted that violence by white supremacists constituted “the most dangerous threat to our democracy.” Yahoo News noted that this claim “reflects near-universal consensus among national security experts, including those who worked for the Trump administration.”

Then in November, FBI and Homeland Security Department officials reiterated the assertion that “white supremacists” and other “domestic extremists” constitute the foremost terror threat the nation faces. The only thing lacking in this scenario is actual white supremacist terrorists, and even Biden’s handlers appear to be feeling the pinch; on Thursday the State Department actually admitted that jihad terrorists, which they have hitherto ignored, are still “a persistent and pervasive threat worldwide.”

This is a sharp departure from the Biden gang’s previous line. It was only six weeks ago that, according to the UK’s Independent, the feds “once again warned members of Congress that white supremacists and other domestic extremists pose as great a threat to the US as Islamic State militants, a familiar warning to lawmakers after repeated advisories have pointed to the rise of racist violence and conspiracy theories that have proliferated online.”

But on Thursday, the State Department stated in a report that after the Islamic State (ISIS) lost its territory in Iraq and Syria, the jihad terror group “and its branches continued to mount a worldwide terrorism campaign, carrying out deadly attacks globally.” This jihad activity continued despite the fact that “the United States and its partners made significant major strides against terrorist organizations.” In this, the report was actually referring to advances that the Trump administration made against the forces of the global jihad through 2020, the report concluded about Western anti-terrorism efforts through the end of 2020, without calling attention to the fact that the Biden State Department was actually praising Trump-era counterterror efforts.

However, the report continued, the jihad isn’t over: “the terrorism threat has become more geographically dispersed in regions around the world.” ISIS and al-Qaeda have “continued to exploit under-governed spaces, conflict zones, and security gaps in the Middle East to acquire terrorist resources and conduct terrorist attacks.” Meanwhile al-Qaeda “bolstered its presence abroad, particularly in the Middle East and Africa, where affiliates AQAP, al-Shabab in the Horn of Africa, and Jama’at Nasr al-Islam wal Muslimin in the Sahel remain among the most active and dangerous terrorist groups in the world.” And on the Shi’ite side of the fence, “Iran continued to support acts of terrorism regionally and globally during 2020. Regionally, Iran supported proxies and partner groups in Bahrain, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, and Yemen, including Hezbollah and Hamas.”

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What’s more, the Sunni and Shi’a jihadis were collaborating: The report said senior al-Qaida officials “continued to reside in Iran and facilitate terrorist operations from there. Globally, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps-Qods Force remained the primary Iranian actors involved in supporting terrorist recruitment, financing, and plots across Europe, Africa, and Asia, and both Americas.”

The State Department report didn’t directly address the administration’s frequent claim that “white supremacists” constitute the greatest terror threat to the nation; the report is focused upon the terror threat worldwide. But this is an artificial distinction while our Southern border lies open for anyone to cross freely and Biden’s handlers show no interest in bringing it under control. Does the State Department really think that the “persistent and pervasive threat” of jihad terrorism is going to remain safely halfway around the world and not pay any attention to the fact that it has never been easier for a criminal or terrorist from another country to get into the United States? Or do Biden’s State Department wonks, like the rest of his catastrophic administration, simply not care, as long as a steady stream of migrants continues to come into the country and vote Democrat?

The State Department report was an unexpected burst of realism from an astonishingly unrealistic administration. Still, the administration remains far too enamored of politically correct and self-serving fantasies that are intended to stigmatize and demonize a large segment of the population of the United States as a terror threat. Now that Biden’s handlers have admitted that there is still a jihad terror threat, they should be consistent and take measures to protect Americans inside the country from that threat. But nothing is much less likely than that they will do such a thing.

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