Adam Carolla Debuts ‘Truth Yeller’ — America Needs More Shows Like This

Thanksgiving weekend generally gets some feature-length movie debuts, but the pickings are slim for new programming besides football. The Daily Wire provided some relief from reruns with the first episode of their collaboration with podcaster and comedian Adam Carolla. After watching the first installment of Truth Yeller, I am hooked and can’t wait for future episodes.

Carolla filmed the show in a comedy club with a live audience, and the sound of the genuine laughter was great to hear. There is a warning for viewers under age 14 due to language and content. It opened with Carolla doing a short monologue wearing a dapper suit and tie. He made fun of people who wear Crocs, pondered what would happen if someone threw a shoe at Joe Biden, and told behind-the-scenes Trump jokes from his time on The Apprentice.

No comedy routine in the current environment would be complete without taking on COVID-19. Corolla took on mask mandates for airline flights and the “Zoom dress code.” His description of how working from home has made everyone overly casual in almost every situation was too spot-on. Carolla described the scene at LAX when he arrived for a flight and said, “It looks like somebody pulled the fire alarm at the St. Louis Marriott at 4 a.m.” Then he went into a rant on airport security. Let’s just say that the pandemic has not made it any better.

For the premiere, Carolla invited Jay Leno to join him after the monologue. It was thoroughly refreshing to see entertainers with no sacred cows. Carolla can comfortably navigate his relationships with conservative stalwarts like Dennis Prager and the Daily Wire crew while still booking Hollywood favorites for his podcast and maintaining his friendship with former Man Show co-host Jimmy Kimmel. Carolla credits working for himself and owning his material as the reason he can say what he pleases without ever apologizing to the woke mob.

Most media describe Leno as left of center, but he never let Democrats escape his wry humor. When he hosted The Tonight Show, he was prone to taking swipes at Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama as often as he did at George W. Bush. During his appearance, he spent a little time mocking the Democrats’ most sacred cow, Dr. Anthony Fauci. The entire exchange between the two comedians was a mix of improvisation, interview, and even some roasting. The audience also learns how the two met before either was a household name.

The last segment of the show is where it derives its name. After Leno bid the crowd farewell, Carolla moved on, saying it was “time for some truth yelling.” His victims of choice for the debut show were the ladies of The View.

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He spent about four minutes ranting about everything, from the audience for a show that airs at 10 a.m. to the irony of the hosts’ names. “It’s ironic too because these are some of the most miserable shrews on the planet. But think about their names. Joy, Rosie, Sonnie, Whoopi. Those are ironic names for miserable b****es.” Then he mocked them for fawning over disgraced New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and incarcerated attorney Michael Avenatti.

Truth Yeller is a show that I could watch with my apolitical family or friends. Carolla did not disappoint, and it appears the Daily Wire will let him stay edgy and even a little blue at times. According to the website, future guests include Patrick Warburton, who played David Puddy on Seinfeld, Rob Riggle, who first hit the scene on The Daily Show and Saturday Night Live, and comedian and actor T.J. Miller. The lineup reinforces Carolla’s ability to navigate a politically charged entertainment industry.

It seems the combination of monologue, interview, improvisation based on audience participation, and truth yelling is a lock for the format, and it works well. At nearly a full hour, it moves quickly, and the stagecraft displayed by Carolla is inimitable. Clips of the show are available on YouTube, and the entire show is available to subscribers.

Carolla’s show appears to be part of the outlet’s commitment to becoming a complete news, opinion, and entertainment property. They released their first full-length film, Run, Hide, Fight, last year, and the trailer for the Spring 2022 film Shut In was released in October. Gina Carano’s film Terror on the Prairie is in production now. Candace Owens joined Daily Wire after the birth of her son and does a weekly panel show in front of a live audience. This summer, the management added a straight news podcast each morning. Their investigative journalism chops were on display when the Daily Wire broke the sexual abuse story in Loudon County, Virginia.

Carolla is not just bemoaning the state of comedy in a woke world. He is resetting the table. Because he is independent of oversight from studios and employers, Carolla can issue a dare to those who practice the craft. Shlepping for the establishment elites is not funny. And Carolla, like any kid from the valley who once dug ditches for a living, knows it.

WATCH a clip from the premiere of Truth Yeller below:

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