62 Rape Allegations Can’t Be Wrong: Another Scandal ROCKS BLM

As if BLM isn’t reeling enough. The last remaining Marxist founder left BLM this past weekend in the midst of a financial scandal. Former Minneapolis Black Lives Matter insider Rashad Turner quit BLM last week when he realized the group doesn’t care about black families or education and he recorded a scathing video saying so. The parents of some of the dead black people exploited by BLM, Breonna Taylor, Tamir, Rice, and Michael Brown, are angry that BLM stood on the bodies of their dead children and made mad stacks but didn’t share it. At this point you’d think someone at BLM would send a memo saying, “Things are bad this week. Whatever you do, please don’t molest and/or sexually assault 62 children, 61 of whom are illegal immigrant kids and one as young as 14.”

Denver School Board Director Tay Anderson, BLM activist and possibly the youngest black elected official in Colorado didn’t get the memo. Anderson has been accused of sex crimes ranging from inappropriate touching to “violent acts of rape” by 62 youngsters, 61 of whom are here illegally and seemed like easy targets, and one of whom is as young as 14 years old.

Ian Miles Cheong was quick to jump on Anderson’s Twitter throat, with a copy of Anderson’s tweet where he calls for BLM riots and declares antifa isn’t real.

The Washington Post referred to Anderson as the “face of Denver’s protests.” The Colorado Herald posted texts from Anderson to children, many with heart emojis saying, “Let’s be friends.” There is a petition on change.org calling for Anderson’s arrest.

Anderson tweeted his innocence over the holiday weekend but stepped down from the school board because schools and pederasts don’t mix well when the cops are sniffing around.

Anderson was already under investigation after a rape accusation by a group called Black Lives Matter 5280 and called him out in this tweet.

This accusation brings the number of victims on the list to 63, which is enough to make Bill Cosby fidgety. The Colorado Herald said, “While DPS (Denver Public Schools) continues to dodge the issue and protect its prodigal son, the continued deflection of responsibility for protecting underage students by DPS is saddening and frightening. When Anderson was elected, at his first board meeting,” the Herald continued, “he said he would remain seated during the pledge of allegiance. ‘We will not stand while our country separates families and keeps kids in cages,’ Anderson said at the event.” Anderson also drew criticism last March when he accused a white man of committing a mass shooting in Colorado and the shooter turned out to be a pro-ISIS Muslim male from Syria.

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