Woke Sports Book Deifies Kaepernick, Claims NFL Owners Fearful of President Trump

Mike Freeman’s toxic new book on sports and social justice fanaticism starts out with plenty of Kaepernick worship and Trump hatred in the preface and introduction. Considering the source, it’s no wonder because Freeman has was recently named the Sports, Race and Inequality Editor at USA Today.

In the book “Football’s Fearless Activists: How Colin Kaepernick, Eric Reid, Kenny Stills, and Fellow Athletes Stood Up to the NFL and President Trump”, Kaepernick’s protest started with “raw fearlessness” and he “was the first sports civil rights leader who had a president trying to destroy him,” Freeman says.  

Freeman, 59, once served in the National Guard and says it’s “remarkably offensive to me” that anyone would consider NFL protesters anti-military. Of the few remaining NFL protesters, he says:

“Not only did they take on the NFL, they fought the most powerful man on the planet, and in some cases, especially in Kaepernick’s, they protested knowing they were going to be blackballed.”

In an introduction titled “Threat Assessment”, Freeman says Kaepernick was right about everything he did in 2016, when he kneeled during the national anthem and labeled America as “oppressive” and police officers as pigs. “If you want to begin to understand why the NFL reacted with such fury, and fear, to Colin Kaepernick’s protest movement and later targeted that anger toward Kaepernick alone, the answer partly begins here, in this book, with three moments of honesty,” Freeman writes.

One of those so-called moments of “honesty” was when an anonymous NFL owner told Freeman that one or two owners liked what Kaepernick was doing and the others were terrified of him. “Then add to all of that Donald Trump was trashing us, some owners genuinely believed the whole thing could come crashing down,” this owner said.

Owners thought Fox News and President Trump would bring about mass boycotts of the NFL. There was also a fear that protest would spread to every NFL locker room and Kaepernick would persuade players to go on strike. Freeman says there was no need to fear Kaepernick.

Another alleged moment of honesty came from an anonymous general manager who liked Kaepernick’s skills and thought the quarterback could help his team, However, other GMs and personnel guys said if they went to their owner suggesting the addition of Kaepernick to their teams “he’ll would burn my house down.”

There was no official NFL edict on blackballing Kaepernick, yet it was understood that most of the general managers did not want to rock the board with their Trump-supporting owners. They feared their careers would come to an end if they pushed for Kaepernick.

An anonymous head coach spoke up for Kaepernick and said, “We should all be ashamed of ourselves, as a league, including me, for not speaking up.”

This coach also said that most coaches hate distractions, and when Freeman pressed him about domestic abusers in the NFL the coach said that’s just part of football and not considered a distraction. If that’s true, it confirms that the pathetic league is deserving of the derisive “National Felons League” nickname. Nevertheless, protesting the anthem and fear of Trump were considered more pressing matters by this coach:

“We were afraid of protests. We were afraid of Trump. We were afraid of losing money or jobs. … I’m not a Colin fan, but we betrayed everything we say we stand for.”

Freeman also portrays the Fox News empire as dedicated to destroying NFL protesters, and he said, “POTUS is using them as a racial wedge.”

The book’s preface glorifies NFL protester Kenny Stills, a member of the Houston Texans, and features his bashing of President Trump. Stills said, “I don’t think some people understand how much some black players were worried about Trump all along.” Trump was “a danger to the country and democracy,” and some white players stopped supporting him, Stills claimed.

Freeman’s highly controversial book also contains a chapter on so-called fake patriotism tied to sports and Black Lives Matter propaganda.

Amazon is billing the book as “the full story of the NFL player protests that rocked a nation and turned our country upside down. This is the players’ side, one that has largely been ignored by the media.” One can only wonder what the Amazon reviewer was smoking because the left-stream media has been camped on the protesters’ side ever since Kaepernick began his shameful behavior.

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