NewsBusters Podcast: Exploiting MLK Day to Paint GOP As ‘Jim Crow’ Racists

Martin Luther King birthday celebrations could be unifying, but that’s not how media liberals use it. It’s just another occasion to trash Republicans as “Jim Crow” racists trying to keep blacks from voting and laboring to stop school kids from learning anything about MLK. What a sorry set of smears.

Sunny Hostin on The View pretended that bans on “critical race theory” (or systemic racism education) mean the school children cannot be taught about Martin Luther King. CBS put on a commentary from liberal historian Douglas Brinkley arguing Republican states passing voting-integrity laws are “the new Jim Crow.” MSNBC let Dr. Jason Johnson classify the Republican Party as a dime-store front for terrorists. 

To liberals and Democrats, the greatest threat to America is not Russia, or China. It’s the Republicans. 

Enjoy the podcast below, or wherever you listen to podcasts. 

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