NEW NewsBusters Podcast: ‘Fact Checkers’ Unite Against Tim Scott

The latest edition of the NewsBusters Podcast explores how easy it is to prove that The Washington Post is a paper by Democrats, for Democrats — a partisan broadsheet.

First, there’s Post “Fact Checker” Glenn Kessler digging into whether Sen. Tim Scott is fibbing about his ancestors in the Jim Crow South, which turned out to be an unpopular piece among Republicans and even some Democrats. So on Sunday, NPR handed over eight minutes of air time to letting Kessler explain just how rational and nonpartisan he is.

Kessler drew attention at the 100-day mark by announcing the Post would not keep a Biden database of false and misleading statements as they did for President Trump. Let’s face it: you can’t do that, and spend months trying to tag Tim Scott as a fibber about his forebears. Somehow, the Post fact-checkers must have inspired the Associated Press fact-checkers to declare that some anonymous person was implying the Post would skip all fact-checking of Biden instead of skipping a formal database. The liberal journalists really rally around their own allies. 

On top of that, we discuss how the Post tried to tout President Biden as a a “very Catholic president who supports abortion rights,” as if that phrase makes any sense. It’s as sensible as talking about a “very liberal person who supports Trump.” The newspaper reports want to run the Catholic Church and not let the bishops do it. The church should be like a focus group, and Pope Francis should be like Frank Luntz.

Enjoy your podcast below, or wherever you enjoy your podcasts. 

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