More Censorship: Amazon Refuses Fact-Based Michael Brown Doc From Streaming Library

It’s Big Tech’s Big Censorship Week! First Twitter and Facebook just decided to simply block NY Post’s damning Hunter Biden story from being shared on social media so that voters couldn’t be swayed. Now Amazon seems to be doing the same with a documentary about the Michael Brown story that presents the facts of the case, rather than push the manufactured agenda that Brown was the victim of America’s systemic racism. 

Amazon Prime has refused to publish the film in its streaming library, although it hosts plenty of movies and documentaries about bunk political theories. 

What Killed Michael Brown? filmmaker Shelby Steele – a senior fellow at Stanford’s Hoover Institution that has studied race relations for decades – told conservative outlets his hypothesis that Amazon Prime rejected his documentary because it doesn’t fit the preferred take about what happened to the African American teenager. “Our side is not the politically correct narrative,” he claimed. 

Thanks to the media, many Americans unequivocally accept that a racist cop killed the innocent and docile Brown, and that the violent Black Lives Matter movement the incident spawned, is a dignified antidote to America’s systemic racism. 

According to Steele, his film – which employs the backdrop of the controversial Michael Brown case in Ferguson for an exploration of “race relations in the United States” – was deemed not “eligible for publishing” by Amazon. 

Steele, who made the film with his son Eli, explained that at first he thought Amazon’s rejection was a quality control complaint. The platform’s official charge was that the film “doesn’t meet Prime Video’s content quality expectations.” Though he became puzzled when Amazon added they “will not be accepting resubmission of this title and this decision may not be appealed.”

Steele and his son confirmed “there were no technical issues with the upload of the video file, caption file, and artwork.” The duo inferred that “had there been, they would have simply pointed out the problem and asked me to correct it. The fact that they took the step to say that I could not appeal at all is very telling.”

Shelby also argued that his film doesn’t even differ from the format of other Michael Brown documentaries in Amazon Prime’s streaming library. “We use the same news footage and follow a similar format when it comes to our original footage — interviews, b-roll footage, etc,” he asserted, adding, “the only difference between my film and those films is the voice behind the images.”

What Killed Michael Brown? explores the details on why the jury acquitted Ferguson, Missouri police officer Darren Wilson of charges after Brown’s death and the ensuing racial divide that stemmed from the incident. Though it attempts to present the facts, rather than necessarily buy Black Lives Matter narrative. 

And that might be precisely why you won’t be finding it on Amazon Prime. 

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