Microsoft Teams To Delete ‘Inappropriate’ Messages: Report

Microsoft will reportedly allow its IT administrators to remove messages it deems inappropriate in workplace or classroom chats.

According to Digital Trends, the Teams feature would allow IT administrators to remove a “curse word, an off-topic conversation, or other foul gestures in a Teams chat.”

While the feature could allow school administrators to monitor the chat room and ensure discussions stay on topic, it could also presumably be used in work environments as well.

The feature will “[fit] in with the existing controls already in place that allow meeting hosts to disable someone’s video feed, hard-mute attendees, and manually remove someone from a meeting,” according to Digital Trends.

Microsoft Teams competes with Slack for online chat and video communications, which also allows administrators to remove messages for various reasons, including public chats, private chats, and direct group messages.

Microsoft Teams reportedly has 250 million active users, while Slack only has 10 million active users. 

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