Kasie Hunt Mocked for Claiming Biden Doesn’t Lie After He Stonewalled a Question

Note to MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt: perhaps you might want to check your own tweets for self-contradictions before you post them. Such was the case on Friday when Hunt foolishly tweeted that Joe Biden stonewalled on a question about if he had talked to Mitch McConnell and in the very next sentence praised Biden for his supposed honesty. 

The inevitable smackdown was both brutal as well as hilarious. Among the most cutting of the responses came from Glenn Greenwald who pointed out just how honest Biden really is.

Dilbert creator, Scott Adams, also weighed in on how this is yet another example of the fraudulence of the media.

Lyndsey Fifield, the Social Media Manager for the Heritage Foundation noted how absurdly sycophantic Hunt was acting towards Biden:

Finally we have a blast from the past video clip demonstrating just how honest Biden has been:

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