Janice Dean Makes Ben Stiller Cry ‘Uncle!’ Over COVID Cuomo’s B-Day Soiree Appearance

Fox News Channel’s Janice Dean rebuked several Hollywood stars for their attendance at New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s upcoming birthday party. And when Ben Stiller eventually responded to the criticism, boy, did she let him have it.

On December 12, The FNC Senior Meteorologist, whose own in-laws died at the hands of Cuomo’s disastrous nursing home policy regarding COVID, called out the hypocrisy of those who would have a big shindig in honor of the man who shut down New York and whose disastrous policies are responsible for the death of 6500 seniors. 

Really, though, should we just smile and be OK as the governor — who single handedly caused a tragedy with double the death toll of 9/11 —  whoops it up?

Dean blasted a social media advertisement for the event, which was dubbed Cuomo’s “Birthday & Holiday Reception” and announced several special celebrities guests like Robert De Niro, Whoopi Goldberg, Ben Stiller, Rosie Perez, and Henry Winkler. Dean tweeted, “Restaurants closing, kids out of school, families losing loved ones and livelihoods but @NYGovCuomo is going to celebrate his birthday with his celebrity friends and raise thousands of dollars for himself.” 

Yeah, it certainly isn’t a real good look for Cuomo to be partying it up as people suffer all around in his city. To add insult to injury, guests must pay $1000 to attend the festivities, virtual festivities, mind you. How’s that for bourgie? It’s clear Cuomo’s virtual birthday isn’t open to your average New Yorker. 

Dean refused to mince words for Cuomo’s famous special guests, adding, “Shame on @WhoopiGoldberg @RedHourBen @rosieperezbklyn @hwinkler4real.” She then mentioned that it would be better if Cuomo cancelled the event or donated the money earned from his birthday to COVID relief or NY’s dying restaurant industry: “If I were @NYGovCuomo or any of his celebrity buddies I’d be cancelling this event or instead giving all the money to Covid or restaurant relief in New York.”

Apparently one of these famous faces didn’t take too kindly to being called out. Tropic Thunder actor Ben Stiller hit back at Dean, tweeting that she needed to stop being “divisive” — rich, coming from a left-wing actor.

In a since-deleted tweet Stiller wrote, “Nothing wrong with supporting a politician. As you know the current president has been soliciting hundreds of millions dollars to overturn the election, not for COVID relief.” Yeah, what a nice deflection. 

Oh, yeah, right. Trump didn’t spend the past year focusing on the plague at all. Riiiiiiight. (Somehow Stiller missed how Trump’s vaccine is considered a miracle by the media’s standards?)

The actor continued with a personal dig a Dean: “You wrote a book about spreading sunshine apparently.. You don’t like the Governor. I do. Don’t be divisive. Bye.” Ow, seems like Mrs. Dean struck a nerve. 

Though Dean smacked the smug actor right back. “Nothing wrong with criticizing a politician who likes to profit off the deaths of New Yorkers,” she tweeted, bringing up Cuomo’s recent book deal to make her point. She then wrote, “You’re right, I don’t like the governor because his policies help kill my husbands parents. Enjoy your fundraiser.”

That was it for Stiller. The actor tweeted, “I’m sorry for your loss. I’m not into coming down on people. You called me out. We all are dealing with this and I believe we need to be less divisive. All the best.” He then deleted his original tweet that called out the meteorologist. Thank goodness for Mrs. Dean’s tenacity. She knows how to fight. 

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