“Innocent” Hispanic Media Darling Actually a Full-Blown Activist

So, it turns out that Karina Ruiz, the Latina dreamer who filmed herself accosting senator Krysten Sinema (D-Nevada) aboard an airplane about her stance on immigration reform, is an immigrant rights leader, as per a Telemundo News report about nationwide protests calling for an immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. 

In previous reports over the Spanish-speaking press, Ruiz had insisted that it was a surprise encounter and that she took advantage of the moment to “let her voice be heard”. Quite the happenstance considering her prominence as a renowned immigration activist. 

JULIO VAQUEIRO: And now let’s talk about the struggle of immigrants. Today thousands mobilized in different cities of the country, in a day of civil disobedience where they demanded that the Congress approve a pathway to citizenship. Dozens of activists were detained.  

ERIKA FLORES: United in one voice from Los Angeles to Washington DC, dozens of immigrant rights leaders, church representatives, elected officials, and community members on Thursday demanded that the Biden administration pass immigration reform that addresses TPS recipients, essential workers and dreamers. 

POLICE: They will be arrested

FLORES: In mobilizations at both cities, dozens of people were arrested; one of them was Karina Ruiz, the dreamer who recently confronted Senator Krysten Sinema aboard a plane.

KARINA RUIZ: She has the ability to call immigrant leaders, and to sit down with us at the table and have an honest, sincere dialogue about how we can achieve citizenship for our people.

FLORES: For decades, the fight has been for the passage of a broad and just immigration law, so they insist that it´s time that Democrats, who have the power to do so, advocate and take action on behalf of immigrants.

As the undocumented community that voted for Biden after being promised a free-for-all gets increasingly incensed at being ignored – remember Kamala? – the nation´s liberal Hispanic media step up their damage control by elevating the likes of Ruiz.

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